Four Fantastic Valentine’s Day Zoku Recipes

Have you discovered the Zoku yet? We love ours and use it a lot actually. My kids are quick to pull it out of the freezer and build a popsicle treat in five minutes. There are many ways to experiment with this fun gadget. This time of year we enjoy these Valentine’s Day Zoku Recipes.
Valentine’s Day Zoku Recipes
One of our favourite gifts this year was our Zoku popsicle maker. Honestly we have used this baby almost daily since it was given as a gift to my oldest daughter. Not sure what a Zoku is? A Zoku is a funky cross between a toy and a grown up Easy Bake Oven for popsicles. It’s super simple to use, plus it’s fast, easy to clean, and magical, really.
I was not paid for this post and the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, White was given to my daughter. But this has been so much fun that I had to share some of the cool things we’ve been doing with Zoku. We got a basic kit (just two and it fits well in our freezer. There are bigger ones and frankly I might recommend getting a bigger one with 3 or 4 possible popsicle slots so the whole family can enjoy these.)

Here are Four Valentine’s Day recipes for Boku.

We made these ourselves, sometimes through trial and error. Stay tuned for more after we move. The kids really love Zoku.
1. Tropical Greek Yogurt.
(Now yogurt and Zoku only go together if you thin out the yogurt so I used a vanilla Greek yogurt and I added about 3 teaspoons of pineapple juice hence the tropical flavour) Freeze, follow the instructions and then place on a plate as you coat it in pink candy sprinkles. We loved the taste of frozen Greek yogurt here. Memo to self – buy more Greek yogurt this week.
2. V8 Valentine’s Strawberry Smoothie Pop
Slice a strawberry super duper tiny and thin.
Pour the V-8 V Fusion Strawberry Banana Smoothie mix into the Zoku then wait. Slowly add a couple of pieces of strawberry and see if it’s starting to freeze. As you add the fruit pieces they should not touch the side of the device or they make extraction really difficult. So try to drop them in as the mix is freezing. They should be suspended in liquid as it’s freezing. Delicious and super healthy popsicle.
3. Strawberry Valentine’s Treat Zoku Popsicle
Find heart sprinkles. They are necessary. You could add strawberries to this one too if you wanted.
V8 Fusion Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mix. Pour it into the Zoku, add a few hearts as you go. But not too many because they might sink all to one side if you aren’t careful. After the Zoku freezes, remove it and set on a plate.
Sprinkle with heart confetti candy liberally.
4. Orange Love
Orange Juice and Cinnamon hearts. Yummers. That one was for me because my kids hate this spicy hearts. Just pour the orange juice into the Zoku and then wait a few minutes and begin adding the cinnamon hearts. I tilt the Zoku to one side and prop it up, then wait, then tilt to other side and wait all the while adding the candies and being sure they don’t touch the sides of the device.

Valentine’s Day Zoku Recipes

Have fun and Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you enjoyed some of these Valentine’s Day Zoku Recipes. You can buy a Zoku here if you want. There are several sizes. This is the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, White.

The one we have is here – > (Zoku Quick Pop Maker, White And here is a cute single serve. Zoku Quick Pop Maker, White

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