How to Build in Digital Breaks – Spring Brain Breaks Game

When my kids were younger, we incorporated a lot of brain breaks into the day. Physical activity was and still is a huge priority. But, these days, as we all know, the world is a wildly different place than it was just in 2019, a couple of years ago. Still, I am working on taking spring brain breaks often.

Here’s Why Brain Breaks Matter

Right Now Our Brains and Bodies are Taxed.

Our brains are on all the time these days and they are often overwhelmed and at the tipping point with stress, anxiety and virtual life. Brain breaks are still vital, in fact, even more than they ever have been, I think.

That’s why I thought this Spring Brain Breaks game would be perfect to share right now.

What is a Brain Break?

Basically a brain break is a form of self care. It’s recognizing that you are overwhelmed, or there is too much noise going on. Sometimes the sensory input contributes to that and you just need quiet or calm, or you need to switch gears before you holler at someone to BE QUIET.

Sensory Processing

When Ainsley was younger, she was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder and that meant we had to get creative with breaks. She needed more breaks at home and at school. Spring brain breaks were easy because she could get outside and run, or splash in puddles or fly a kite. That kind of sensory activity appealed to her and eventually calmed her down.

Temperature Check

With Coronavirus and the threat outside our homes, we are all being extra cautious. Well, at least here in my home and province, people are following stay home orders. That’s the reality right now. It’s not possible to go do the therapy horseback riding

By Spring and Summer, hopefully the numbers of people diagnosed with COVID-19, has lessened and then we can all breathe a bit easier. But for now we follow the rules which means kids are often home doing virtual activities or none at all. They spend time gaming, or learning or watching Netflix. I am not faulting anyone for this. It is simply our current reality.

So, how do we work with that and build in brain breaks, or moments of digital detox? Nobody can handle computers and digital learning and social media 24 hours a day. It its harmful to sit and stare that long at devices.

I am as guilty as anyone here working long hours trying to build in content when I have a moments between appointments and tech mishaps and the usual domestic activities.

So, anyways that got me to thinking about brain breaks and that led me to this spring brain breaks concept. Everyone here has been getting outside all year long. The art of walking has been elevated to a new level in my family. We go walking in rain or shine and nothing will stop me, even when it is drizzling or miserable out. I am Canadian after all and we know to expect bad weather.

Getting Outside this Spring

But, the spring months for many families mean coming out of hibernation and walking more than usual and getting ready for summer games and gardening. So, with that in mind I thought that I would offer up this adorable Spring Brain Breaks game.

How to Download and Use Spring Brain Breaks Dice

Click on the download link and print the dice template out. Cut out the images and glue them onto the dice, then tape or glue the square together. Use this as a tool to break out quietly when you suspect that they need a brain break.

To be honest I am working on brain breaks. This has become a big thing here for me. There are times when my teens have clearly spent far too much time working on their computers and phones and social media when they come out of their rooms and are either irritable as heck, or can’t stop talking.

Stop the Noise

Let’s be clear I enjoy conversations with my kids. But there are also times I am still trying to work and they want to talk for hours about TikTok, or memes or things that they’d typically speak to their friends about.

There are days when I can’t wait for them to return to actual in person school to find their people again. And there are times also when I don’t want to hear anything else about Glee or the latest crime documentary, when I am the one needing the brain break.

How to Take a Brain Break?

I am still working that out as an adult. With kids who are neurotypical or kids who are back at in person school I suspect this is a much easier process. Lately, I do work on saying I need a brain break. If I am in the van driving and there’s too much noise and someone has the radio on and is also talking non stop right now I will say: “There’s too much noise. That hurts my ears. I need a moment.”

Sometimes that is enough to get them to pause for a moment. With younger kids you can use redirection and games to get them invested in switching gears. It might not work all of the time, but it will work some of the time and that might be all that you need.

Other Easy and Free Activities for Kids

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STEAM Activities and More

Don’t miss this summer STEAM activity sheet while you are here. My Pinterest boards have many activities for kids and parents to use all summer long.

There are dozens of lifecycle worksheets. I also have several travel related kid’s learning activities.

All About England is a cute one to start with today and do the tour of Europe with the France Colouring Sheet and workbook.

Pin this for later or download below.

What are you Doing this Spring?

Drop a comment below. Let me know if you and your kids are looking for more activities to do this spring or summer. I’d be happy to help if I can.

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