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Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day from my family to yours! This is one of my favourite Canada Day photos from years gone by. We love Canada Day here because, of course we are Canadian, and also my older daughter has a birthday the day right after Canada Day. So it is always a Happy Canada Day here!


Wishing You the Happiest of Canada Days!

Happy Canada Day and where did June go? June is such a crazy chaotic and fast month. To be truthful, it is not my favourite. While I genuinely adore the warmer weather, I do find that MANY kids don’t do well with the less structured days that June brings with the flip of the calendar pages.

I mean June is field trips, class outings, warm weather but sometimes that change is so slow, as it has been this year. Way too much rain so far in my opinion.   

So Where Does That Leave Us?

Well, I have written previously about my volatile relationship with June. But, July is entirely different from June. It is relaxed and happy long days spent at the beach or stretched out by the pool. July sometimes is all about attending local produce markets and summer sidewalk sales and just going with the flow.

This photo above was taken on a Canada Day a few years ago when both of my little beans here were heading out to summer day camp at Original Kids. Flash forward and this year my oldest will be sharing Canada Day with a group of little people at a local city run day camp. She is working as a playground supervisor this year.

My Happy Canada Day Resources for You!

I have, over the last few years, collected and shared many Canada Day printables and word games. So here’s a bit of a recap for you.

DON’T Miss my Canada Day Word Search

or MY Canada Day Matching Game

and then all the Canada Day facts you can imagine.

Are you Canadian? Do you go big on Canada Day?

Tell me all about your Canada Day celebrations!

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