What’s Your Word of the Year for 2018?

What’s your word of the year? Every year for the last 6 years in a row I have chosen a word or phrase to guide my personal and professional attitude for the year. This has often been a really positive proactive experience for me. The year I chose Grow, I grew. The year I chose productivity I was productive. And so on. My word of the year is my philosophy or vision.


I was astonished actually when I went back through my files this week and discovered I have been doing this for longer than I thought. In fact, I have chosen to do this since 2012. My first ever word of the year was productive. Chuckled a bit when I read back through that post about why I reject New Year’s resolutions and the many reasons a word works better for me. In 2013 Health was my word of the year and I worked towards building better health all year – which is a goal every year actually.

What a fun thing it is to write here in this space every day five days a week for a year every year. This is my space to vent and explore and celebrate. Which reminds me of the year I chose celebrate as my word of the year. Over the course of 9 years here I have grown a family, lost a few relatives to cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. Together my family has tackled childhood anxiety and bullies, special needs, FASD, Crohn’s Disease of course and so many transitions. We have grieved, celebrated, loved and lost and it is truly awesome to be able to see all these things reflected here in photos and words.

In 2017 I traveled many amazing places including Ireland and I went to Space Camp in Huntsville and I grew and I built a wonderful year…and along the way I learned a few things too. My word of the year that I chose for 2017 was Mindfulness and I can tell you this was not my finest word of the year. Mindfulness is much much harder than I imagined. It began strong and fell hard around March. A year of living mindfully was not what I imagined and perhaps I need to try again. Because it was only a few months of mindfulness and it left me feeling a bit disappointed that I couldn’t make that one stick. Definitely, I have to practice this one regularly to get there.

For 2018 I am choosing a very simple word to guide my actions and decisions. Move. My Word of the Year is Move. Move Forward of course, and not back. Move whether travelling or exercising or planning a year of business goals. This year I will move with purpose. And I will move more often. In fact I will move when traveling and there will be a good deal of travel in 2018 too.


When I ski I am moving. When I choose a new business project or partnership I am moving. The year 2018 could be about the word NO. But again I decided that was too negative. Oh this year I will say No to more things that are not right and I will push back with a No when the rates and terms are ones I am not comfortable with. No is a fine word, but it should not be a year long philosophy. The negativity there is too harsh and black and I need light and uplifting to support my health and business. My Yes’s will be tempered with many No’s.

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But for me….for my family…my business and my health I choose Move as my word of the year for 2018. Move every single day. Move more and move forward. Travel more and Move with motivation towards that goal. Ski more and swim more and work out more. This year I celebrate being able to move with strength and precision and balance through all the various fitness classes and workouts I tackle.

In the business domain the word move is active and confident and for me it seems like a word that embraces knowing when to pivot or change or grow. Move upwards, onwards and forwards. In the world of social media marketing you can’t stand still. Nor can you do that in life, because it will pass you by.

Keep moving and Happy New Year!

What’s your word of the year?


Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.