How Do You Keep them Reading All Summer? #Summerslide #giveaway

If school is almost out for summer then it’s time to start thinking about summer slide too. Oh don’t worry I am not suggesting that you spend every waking moment of the summer concerned about school. But, take a few moments now and plan ways you can help them avoid summer slide. Then the sailing is easy for the rest of the summer.
What are you up to this summer? School is almost out here. Now what’s next? We have some camps scheduled and some great travel opportunities and I am pretty happy for the warm weather to finally get here. We will be spending a lot of afternoons in our pool I hope. And then there’s cottage country of course. We will at some point be spending a few days in a cottage near Wasaga Beach and we will be writing about that here. We also have a Katy Perry concert to see. Pretty excited about that girl’s trip.
But two months is a long time to go without learning and school. So how do you keep little minds sharp? How do you keep them from turning to mush from summer slide (you know that sun spun sort of condition where you forget everything you learned that year at school.)
My kids are crazy little readers. They love books, happily for me. And because I review books over on my books blog here at thriftymommasbrainfood I always have an abundant supply for all ages. (Actually they pretty much take over my house) So I don’t usually need to work too hard to convince them to pick up a book.
Here are my four tips to keep them reading all summer long and avoid summer slide:
1. Accessibility: Summer is just like any other time of year on my house in one way. I keep books in every room of the house. Really. Bathroom. Kitchen. Bedroom. Living Room. Everywhere. Avoid summer slide by keeping books available at all times in every room. It’s a passive way of allowing them to grab one at their leisure and learn.
2. Road Trip: This summer we will be travelling by train to Ottawa for a weekend. That means books. Lots and lots of books for on the way there and the way back. Road trip to the cottage. Bring books. Nothing screams cottage life like laying on the beach with a book in hand.
3. Shut down the gadgets: I know some families who remove all technology for the summer. I am not that gal. I make a living on tech and social media and I can’t mandate that type of summer here. But I will encourage the girls to put the devices down. I will also encourage them to download books on Kobo apps and other reading apps too. My youngest is starting to see merit in reading on a tablet. Summer slide won’t be able to interfere if she’s reading a lot, even at the beach.
4. Cook with your kids. It’s a great way to make memories and stay fresh on math and literacy skills. I have some ideas for recipes you can share together.
Simon & Schuster has website that has activities and tips on what to do form literacy experts.
Simon & Schuster Canada has graciously provided a Summer Slide giveaway package of eight awesome books to keep your kids learning all summer. I received a similar prize here. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.
Giveaway only open to Canada. Good Luck! ARV is $80.


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