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If Laundry Makes You Cringe, Try This Triple Chamber Challenge #AHFreshPerspective

Someone asked me recently what I liked about laundry. I didn’t need to think hard about that because honestly there’s nothing I like about laundry. Nothing at all. Unless someone else does the laundry. Then I love it. I also love it when my clothes are clean and put away and ready to wear.

Laundry is expensive and seemingly endless at times. Thank Goodness I have helpers. My husband and daughters help out. In fact my husband does three quarters of the laundry here. I do three quarters of the cooking so that’s fair. And my teens mostly help with the folding parts. It makes sense because they make some of the biggest stains around still.


This past month we had a lot of travel. In fact so far 2017 has been filled with travel opportunities. Travel leads to wonderful memories and experiences and also loads of laundry when you return. It’s all good though because this month we’ve been using the New Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean 3-IN-1 Power Paks.

The New Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean 3-IN-1 Power Paks are the only detergent boosted with OxiClean superior stain fighting power of OxiClean and the freshness of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. That’s triple level amazing cleaning power.

Around here the volume of laundry is a big deal. But so too are the stains that happen. For instance, recently, I nearly destroyed one of my favourite long sleeve tops. It’s black, well loved, and fading, but it makes me happy because it says Peace, Love and Tweets. So I was pretty mad at myself the day I was deboning a whole cooked chicken and the chicken fat splashed on my favourite shirt. It went right through the top and splattered in several places.


I tried numerous cleaning ideas, including toothpaste, and then put it in the wash. The stain didn’t come out. That was before we started the Triple Chamber Challenge here. But I couldn’t give up on my shirt so I kept it and figured I’d keep trying. Then we started using New Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean 3-IN-1 Power Paks. Second time was the charm and the triple chamber challenge worked for heavy duty chicken fat stains. That’s impressive.

People who think that teenagers should be over the stain making stage haven’t met many teens in my opinion. My older daughter’s khaki uniform pants almost always land in the laundry with mud stains near the hem of the pants. Why? Because she walks home from school and occasionally her friends surprise hip check her. Their silliness sometimes leads to grass, mud, and food stains on uniforms. Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean 3-IN-1 Power Paks take care of that.

There are a lot of laundry challenges that are specifically teenage girl related. For instance, teens cook and babysit and also use makeup. Each one of these activities, and routines can create stains. In our house the triple chamber challenge has been going on for a few weeks. Happy to report that these power paks remove heavy duty stains, from food, to blood and lipstick too.


Oh and did you know that New Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean 3-IN-1 Power Paks cost just .19 cents a load versus .35 cents for many other leading brands? I have to pay attention to products that save money, because kids are expensive. Their cold water formula makes me even happier because washing in cold saves money and energy.

One of the things I like best about the Arm & Hammer products is that there’s no heavy scent. So clothes come clean, whites get white, and I don’t have a heavy scent on my towels and workout clothing. That’s important to me. One child is super sensitive to scent and she tolerates this detergent really well.


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