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Learning Resources For Kids with Special Needs

It’s the time of year when updating Individualized Education Plans and getting all the specialists lined up again takes a front seat here at my house.


This past week I spent a few hours juggling the numerous doctors and people I want sitting at the table when my daughter’s new IEP is revised. She has been identified now with a learning disability in one area of math. It took me four years of pushing the school to believe that and it also took a private educational assessment that cost us a lot of money this summer. But it’s all good because I am certain we will each have the proper tools to work in my daughter’s best interests.

So what are the proper tools exactly? Well, there are a few new gadgets I have been hunting around for because I think the educational assessment clearly indicates she needs a couple of special products that might help her focus and do her best. This weekend I spent time figuring out what I need. Luckily I can get a lot of these things on line at Learning Resources. If you want to browse their current sales and special needs items click on the affiliate ad below. 
My child’s needs are clear. She has some issues with time management and one small area of math that I think they call numeration. Both of my children need tactile objects and fidgets to help them focus.
This time teacher is on sale for a great price and I think it could work potentially for younger kids having trouble with timing concepts and telling time too. There are definite mathematical concepts that could be taught and highlighted with this one. But this is my favourite one below.
This timer is not on sale. But I need it anyways and it’s not a bad price at $39.99. I have seen several versions of timers priced at higher starting points that this one. Time Tracker visual timer and clock counts down the minutes left and provides visual clues to help kids with attention difficulties discover how much longer they have to do their test, or write that assignment. I think it will be handy for us. Plus it will take a lot of the constant arguing out of our house. That happens when people aren;t ready for school or auditions, or rehearsals or lessons. It’s aggravating. So this is an investment in my sanity.
These Gears are on sale right now for a great price and they are great fidgets. They could also be a good Christmas present.
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  • Shawna Mae

    Special needs toys are so important for children with developmental deficits. I also use special needs toys for my work with people who have dementia. They are necessary in some instances and it is nice to find another source to buy them. Thanks for sharing.