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Let It Snow – Baffin Boots Has You Covered

baffin boots

If there’s one predictable thing about the winter in Canada, it’s that there will be snow. It might not be a white Christmas. In fact I can count on my one hand the number of times in the last decade that we have had a white Christmas. But by February when the snow is flying and you start to wonder if it will ever let up, you better have a reliable pair of Baffin Boots on hand.

baffin boots

In fact here’s my little public service message to you. Go ahead and buy two pairs of boots this year for each of your kids. Go on. Trust me. I guarantee one of your kids will leave their gorgeous winter boots at school over Christmas or March break and TRUST ME, NOBODY is selling boots in March. So, go on over to Baffin Boots web site and start browsing their footwear then locate a store featuring these great boots and pop over. You won’t be disappointed.

baffin boots

This past week we got snow. It was a decent amount too as you can see here. That meant we had perfect conditions to test drive the Baffin Boots we received a few days earlier. Ainsley, 11, received the Cadee style which I picked out because I liked the look of them. Baffin creates exceptional footwear that is polar proven and stands up in minus 40 degrees Celsius weather. Baffin Boots are engineered in Canada and tested worldwide. The kid’s boots also are made with an Arctic rubber base and stand up to all the activities your kids can put them through.

baffin boots

The first snowfall is always something kids of all ages look forward to. I enjoy it too. Both of our kids put their boots and snow pants on and raced out to make snow angels and snowballs and the youngest didn’t come back in until dinner time actually. Her only complaint about these boots was literally this as she was sitting on the stairs waiting for me to get my coat and boots on. “I am warm. Too warm.” Which is pretty much easily remedied the second you set foot outside in a snowbank.


Ainsley’s Cadee style boots (shown here) are from the snowflake series. The kid’s snowflake series is crafted with all the same consideration as the adult boots are. I appreciate that as a Mom whose kids really enjoy being outside playing in the snow. And as a Mom whose kids are active, skiing, skating, tobogganing and playing outside, I am happy knowing they have waterproof warm boots on that will also stand up to whatever they put them through. This one, Ainsley, is super hard on her boots. Every year around March when there’s at least 4-6 more weeks of snow and frigid weather, her boots inevitably split or sport holes and leaky spots. I am confident this year will be the exception to that rule because these Baffin Boots are great quality and the thermal inserts inside mean she will be protected all winter long.

baffin boots

The Cadee has adorable faux-fur collar and sidepiece and also a rip stop nylon upper. The inserts are removable. Oddly all these years I have resisted inserts in boots because I thought my daughter would lose the inserts.

BUT this from her today as we were leaving to go to a friend’s house: “I love the inserts in these.”

Me: “Really? Why?”

Her: “They are super warm and they make them comfy. Mom, these are really good boots”

There you have it. I apparently was wrong all this time.

baffin boots

I received a pair of women’s Baffin Boots Ease Tall style in Black. My first impression of these Baffin Boots was actually related to weight. These are substantial boots and good quality and they also are light as a feather. That’s bizarre to me and couldn’t be more perfect for someone who has a couple of winter travel opportunities coming up. These Women’s Ease Baffin Boots would pack beautifully. The Women’s Ease Tall are good to minus 30 Celsius. They have a waterproof breathable nylon shell with a drawstring snow collar. My new Ease Tall Baffin Boots have a Hex Design Air Grip and Polar Rubber Outsole. I love how light the Ease Tall boots are and feel like they are the perfect boots for winter activities like skating and skiing. These boots are easy on and easy off and lightweight, so even back and forth to the skating rink or the ski hill is easier when you have a lighter load to carry to and from your destination. The toggles on the ankle and the top of the boot mean you can make this one fit as snug as you need too.

snow angel

Baffin has a wide range of styles and sizes in children’s, youth, women’s and men’s styles. These boots are great quality and they are built to keep your feet warm and dry all winter long. There’s even a boot that is built to keep your feet warm to minus 100 Celsius. That’s colder than I ever want to be actually! I thought minus 30 Celsius or minus 40 Celsius, with windchill, was bad!

baffin boots

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