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MiVue 480 DashCam – Safe Technology for Your Drive #Giveaways

MiVue 480 DashCam offers drivers a bit of extra security on the road. That’s something we can often use. A few short weeks ago a friend reported that she and her husband had been in their truck when it was hit head on by a car that swerved into oncoming traffic. She had video posted on Facebook from their dash cam. I have no idea what kind of camera they had, but it helped to show who was at fault. It was shocking.


MiVue 480 DashCam – Safety First

The MiVue 480 DashCam from Magellan helps you keep an eye on the front and back of the road.
Whether it’s road rage or just distracted driving, driving can be a challenge. We can’t really walk everywhere and who is to say that walking is safer? It’s no wonder that many new cars are being equipped with multiple built in technology and safety devices.

I paid off my van three years ago. While I’d love to get a brand new energy efficient hybrid with all the bells and whistles, it’s not in the budget for this year. In the mean time, I can use technology like the The MiVue 480 DashCam from Magellan.

MiVue 480 DashCam Specs

I would be remiss if I didn’t cover the specs on this device. There are lots of dash cams out there, and they are not created equally. Screens are different sized. Some don’t record. Some are only in black and white. They’re all different. The MiVue 480 DashCam has ultra crisp picture, records, is full color, and more.

  • 2.7″ display for easy playback and easy navigation
  • Two cameras for a view of the outside, rearview AND inside of the car
  • Super HD 1296p front camera recording and Full HD 1080pm rear camera recording
  • Audible and visual warnings for potential driving hazards such as land departure, forward collision, driver fatigue, and more
  • Included 32GB microSD Card for recording storage. Expandable up to 128GB
  • G-Sensor locks video recordings and saves location, time, speed, and date data upon impact
  • The cameras are easily removable. You can also put them back in as necessary
  • Removability is important to me because gadgets have been stolen from our car previously.
  • Flip the front Dashcam around and you can record on the inside of the van. (I still have to try this.)


MiVue 480 DashCam – Safety and Security

I like the MiVue 480 DashCam. It offers security and a few cool features that I am enjoying testing out. (gadget girl here.) It has a crisp display, recording, and auto data storage upon any collision, which can make driving less stressful. I like the added safety and that you can plug it into any vehicle.

Things I was not crazy over. The number of cords running throughout the van in order to connect the MiVue 480 DashCam. Too much, even when tucked out of the way. I think it’s a good product, and it offers some safety improvements. I’d much rather have a cordless version or a built in dashcam. In the meantime this Magellan is a good option.

I received product in order to write about this dashcam. My opinion is all my own. One of my readers is going to win The MiVue 480 DashCam from Magellan. Follow the instructions for a chance to win.

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