Pretty Parchment Paper Style Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

Are you wrapping your gifts already? Then it’s time for the embellishments like these vintage old Christmas gift tags and bookmarks. You know what makes a gift really pop underneath the tree? The tags, bookmarks, ribbons, bows and cute little notes that make the gifts look so much cheerier. Those are my favourites, especially because it’s easy to find great examples of cute Christmas tags and bookmarks all over some of my favourite blogs.


I know my Vintage Gift Tags from years ago do well this time of year. Everyone downloads and prints these ones out. So I figured you might like a few more options. Here are some pretty parchment style vintage Christmas gift tags.


All The Festive Things Can be Found Here

There are dozens of other Christmas recipes on my Merry Christmas Pinterest board. So don’t forget to pop by to check that out this season. Oh and there’s a great little giveaway happening this week for Hallmark on my site. So enter if you are Canadian. Only open to Canadians.


Vintage Christmas Gift Tags

FYI I have several gift tags here that are more colourful if that is what you are looking for. This post contains some Pretty Red shades of Vintage Christmas Gift Tags. I think they are lovely and the parchment style ones below are completely gorgeous.

If you want to print these ones out I suggest getting sticker sheets for the printer and you can either right click on the image above and then print it out on sticker sheets. Or click the link below. It will lead you to a full size image of Vintage Christmas Gift Tags.


Don’t forget to print this Christmas Tree activity and bookmark out for your kids.

Happy Holidays!! And there’s a Hanukkah activity here too if you want one.


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