Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add On Review

I dream of organized closets. And organized kitchens, And basements and garages. Well, you get the idea. I actually might need a bit of help there. (Insert evil laughter from Margarita here) So, when Rubbermaid offered to send me a Rubbermaid Closet Helper Max Add On system for my closets I was pretty excited. I thought I could use it in somebody’s closet here at the Schuck Home. But sadly, I was wrong. Our closets have hardware installed that is permanent. Anyways I went hunting for a friend who could make full use of this little beauty. Rubbermaid is, after all, a great brand. Here comments are below. Follow her on twitter. She is my girl Lee-Ann.
She was not 100 % in love with this product, but she offered up an honest review of the pros and cons of the unit. It is very easy to install as noted in the video above.
This is the before picture. 

During installation. Easy peasy.
This went into Lee-Ann’s spare bedroom. 

Her words: “I would give it a 3 out of 5. It is definitely something that you need to know your closet dimensions before you start and have a clear vision in mind. It’s fast and simple to install.”


It was really easy to put together and there were no tools required. I did it myself and it took about 20 minutes. It’s obviously fast.

When the decision was made to move the unit to different closet it didn’t have to be complete disassembled so that only took about 5 minutes to disassemble/reassemble.

I thought of many uses for the straps to hold towers in place and liked how strong they appeared.The cubbies keep everything neat.


One tower had a broken side. We are using it as is for now and the cube on the associated shelf is empty.

Undecided on the cubbies because you either have to pull out to see what’s in them or label them clearly. 

After assembly in our room found it didn’t give us anything but rather we lost space. Only solution in that case was to move the shelving unit up several inches making the top shelf too high for me.

Instructions could be a bit clearer. I wasn’t sure if I needed 2 or 4 wire connector for each shelf.

Paula’s notes: Thanks to Lee-Ann for this review and for installing the unit. Thanks to Rubbermaid for providing the unit. It costs about $100.00. Not a bad price point at all. I liked the compact packaging, and love an organized closet. I would have used it here as noted if my closets had permitted. Products was sent to for review purposes. The opinions here are all our own and 100 % truthful. 

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  • Skees

    Yes, thank you very much Rubbermaid for providing the unit. Thanks to Paula for offering the unit to us knowing I’d do my best to give her the information she needed and thanks to my DH who helped reassemble our closet after I emptied it while I worked on the closet in the spare bedroom!

  • Gingermommy

    We have one in the kids room and I love how it is so easy to install. Great at organizing everything and giving the boys each their own space