Savvy Shopping With RBC Rewards


How do you get the most out of your shopping trip?

I like to think I am a savvy shopper. That’s why I have an RBC Rewards credit card. I think it’s the best Rewards credit card. I use my card often and I rack up reward points quickly, which makes shopping a rewarding experience. That’s really what savvy shopping is all about for me. As we head into the holiday season, this Christmas almost everyone has a reason to shop, so why not be rewarded for your purchases?

Every month I use my RBC Rewards card [] for all major purchases, prescriptions, family travel, gadgets, even a new closet we had installed. We moved this year and it was an epic adventure, as moving often is. In the process of gearing up for the financial interrogation by the bank, we re-evaluated our credit cards and budget and we ditched all but one of our credit cards. The credit card that won that lotto was my RBC Rewards card. I kept it simply because it generates rewards for my family fast. There is limited real estate space in my wallet, so I feel good about keeping one credit card that rewards me for my brand loyalty.

As we head into Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the flurry that is Christmas shopping season, the RBC Rewards Holiday site [] wants everyone to know about their special offers and gift ideas.

Starting Black Friday (November 28) that’s today to Cyber Monday (December 1) the majority of retailers at the RBC Rewards eMall will be offering bonus points – so you can shop your favourite retailers and earn points faster.

Did I mention that we moved back in February? Well, we got lucky with a house that we love and a great neighbourhood, but the appliances the former owners left behind are on their last legs, so this will be our next big shopping purchase. Honestly because it’s such a big expense, I think I might gift my husband and myself a new fridge. We need a microwave too, so when I buy that fridge and use my card to generate Rewards points, I will also secretly be eyeing that KitchenAid microwave [] to see if I can use my accumulated points for a new microwave or a stand mixer. I will be keeping my eyes peeled so to speak searching for great deals on appliances and other items we need this Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Maybe next time I share a post about spending and shopping you will be reading all about my new microwave and fridge.

Throughout the holiday season RBC is also running a Not-So-Secret Santa Giveaway on Facebook ( In order to have a chance at winning, you simply need to comment on their post and tag a friend who would like the featured item. Three users will be selected to win the item, plus the nominator of the winner will receive 5000 RBC Rewards points! Check out their page on December 5 and 9 for your chance to win prizes like a GoPro HERO4 bundle or a DeWalt Drill & Saw.

Happy shopping!

This post was brought to you by RBC Rewards, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit and].

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