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Silly #Infertility Myths #ohip4ivf #onpoli

I found this on Pinterest the other night and just had to share. It’s cute graphically, but really a wee bit sad that some people still think some of these things true. Like infertility is just a woman’s issue. In fact 40 % of infertility is male factor infertility. Reminds me also of the myth that if you want it bad enough it will happen. Well, no amount of wishing, hoping or praying can fix a genuine medical condition. But what can help sometimes, when medically recommended, is in vitro fertilization. People need help sometimes getting pregnant and that’s where science and medicine intervene. Some people argue lately, as this debate gains traction in Ontario, about whether IVF is necessary as a health care treatment. Well, if you are blinded temporarily by cataracts and a doctor says your surgery is needed to help you see then typically you get surgery, right? If you are infertile and a doctor recommends IVF for your health condition – previous cancer diagnosis, Crohn’s disease, PCOS, blocked tubes, endometriosis, pelvic scarring, then you accept that this is the treatment needed for your health care needs as well. But wait, what’s this? It’s not covered by OHIP? I have to pay out of pocket up to $13,000 for one round of treatment? In Ontario, and the many other provinces of Canada where health care is understood to be universally accessible, that is sadly not the case for many who struggle with infertility. So why the double standard?

 I am a member of the Conceivable Dreams blog team. I believe strongly that IVF should be funded by OHIP in the province of Ontario. Infertility is a complex health care issue. Conceivable Dreams is asking that the government implement their own expert panel recommendation that IVF be funded (SET – single embryo transfer which is a clinical best practice up to three rounds.) SET is better for maternal health and leads to healthier outcomes for babies. Couples who must remortgage homes and deplete savings take chances with their health by implanting multiple embryos and often wind up with multiples who over their lifetime require intense medical support from the health care system. Quebec is the only province in Canada to fund IVF. Join our debate on twitter at
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  • Amanda Williams

    When we were trying to get pregnant, we tried so many “home remedies” that didn’t work and it became a joke with us. We decided not to have any more children because he has three girls and I have two boys, but if we do decide to have one in the future it will be invitro since my tubes are tied. Thanks for sharing!

  • ann

    I have never heard any of the above myths. I have not had a issue conceiving but sometimes it seems if you stop trying so hard and relax is when it can happen for you.