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I am taking a few moment today to organize as I just got back from another excellent conference, this time in Saskatoon. One of my take home ideas from the FASD (Fetal alcohol specturm disorder) conference last week put on by the Saskatchewan Prevention Institute was this – a manual on my children essentially. A tip I’m going to call my Smart Books, for lack of a better name. So this morning I made a quick stop at Shopper’s Drug Mart and bought two new binders to start my organizing. One will be for each of my children. Up until now I have been a big fan of the All About Me resource books, and I still am a fan of this tool used as a quick sort of introduction manual to a child, particularly a child with special needs. But the amount of paperwork and the report cards and all of the various reports and histories both of my children possess is enough to fill several filing cabinets and in fact it does fill several filing cabinets. So today I am taking copies of much of that information and various other documents, medical information, even the All About Me booklet that I have for Ainsley and pulling it together. By the end of today I should have one binder for each of my daughters. A manual on each that I can bring to appointments and use when introducting a new service, teacher, support worker or caregiver to the mix. It’s a simple thing really, but necessary. Another advocacy tool in my arsenal. So here’s to organizing. Wish me luck.

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