Type A Mom: A Top Ten List of Hopes

Well I have about 35 hours left before I escape – I mean fly to Asheville, North Carolina for the Type A Mom conference. (Husband laughed at me when I told him what it was called, as if to say Ha! You Type A. Hysterical!) Well, Type A doesn’t mean I am not domestically challenged. Silly man! P-Shawww!
Anyways I am in the mood to make lists so here is my top ten list of what I really really hope to get out of my very first blogging/ social media conference. (Did I really just say that?!) While reading please sing the Dynomite song in your head!
1. I hope to learn. Make me smarter, please smarty Moms. Some of you are so darn savvy and have been doing this for three years already. I am new by comparison – green – but I have potential. Help me to reach it.
2. I hope to gain some ideas on how to grow this blog.
3. I hope to not throw up from nerves.
4. I hope I don’t miss all the fun stuff by coming on Friday instead of Thursday.
5. I hope I can nurture some new partnerships.
6. I hope to be inspired. Help vlogging and figuring out metrics etc. also welcome.
7. I hope to meet some of the lovelies I regularly follow here and on GFC and etc.
8. I hope I don’t forget my American money.
9. I hope my kids have a fun weekend with Dad. Please let sixer not run away or pull the drapes off the window. Please let the niner not explode in a bundle of pre-pubescent hormonal girly mouthiness that means she’ll be consequenced by losing TV for a lifetime – which will totally be a punishment for me and not for her.
10. I hope I will gain much, lose nothing and, at least once or twice, be forced out of my comfort zone.
See you in Asheville!

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.