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Sometimes Love is a Card – Hallmark Seven Card Challenge Giveaway #LoveHallmarkCa


When I was young I never understood the power of a card. I got several every year, marking each special occasion in my life. But what did they represent? I didn’t really understand until I became a Mom. Now I get it. Sometimes Love is a card.

My own Mom penned many beautiful cards for me over the years. I have several I have kept. Now that she is gone, they are visual reminders of how much she loved me and how often she thought about both of her kids, and her grandchildren too. The card aisle at the grocery store, to this day, reminds me of her. I once wrote about the shoebox full of cards that I found in her condominium after she passed away. Cards had meant that much to her over her lifetime that she treasured and kept each one.

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I’ve been happy to be part of the Hallmark Moms panel this year and I will continue to be a Hallmark Mom because their cards and products are high quality and they remind me that sometimes Hallmark helps you express friendship, gratitude, celebrations, grief and love.


This season Hallmark challenged me to send out seven cards in seven days to seven different people. I’m not about to give away all the people I sent cards to because some of you might be reading this post and I want these to be a surprise when they arrive to the special people I have chosen. I am however going to say that I had no shortage of special people to gift a card too. I am sending one to my oldest daughter because one of the beautiful cards says: I Love You More. (That’s what I tell her every night before bed.) She used to reply: I doubt it. Now, as a teenager she finally says: I am not going to argue with you. My other daughter gets a cute card too. She misses mail, more than anyone in our family. She was accustomed to getting mail from Grandma and she wrote back and forth for many months to my one uncle who had cancer. They had a special relationship. After Grandma and my Uncle Doug passed away my daughter missed that. She still does. She tells me: “Nobody sends me mail anymore.”


So there are cards for both of my daughters. I am also sending one to Toronto to my niece and nephews. My nephew Taiga starts grade two and his sister starts school! I am excited for both of them, and for my sister-in-law too (LOL). So I am sending them a special card. I am saving one for my husband and there are several great thank you cards that could be given to half a dozen of the people who work closely with me at Thrifty Mom Media making sure my business is a success. One special person in particular always bails me out if ever I have a technical glitch that needs attending to. She might be getting a big Thank You card.


This season Hallmark and I challenge you to send out seven card to seven people in seven days. Hallmark has so many beautiful cards. Here are a few of their lines:

Hallmark Signature Collection: Sending a note to show someone you care never goes out of style! Spread the love to family and friends and a select the card that suits them best.  

·         Hallmark Shoebox: Know someone that needs a pick-me-up? Share the love by sending friends and family their daily dose of funny with Hallmark’s assortment of Shoebox greeting cards.

·         Hallmark Gallery:  The Gallery collection is a line of beautiful blank cards, allowing you to personalize each message. They can be sent for a special occasion or just to say hello. 

Hallmark Seven Card Challenge
One of the prettiest cards I received.

 Gallery cards are available for $3.99 each, Shoebox cards range from $2.99-$3.49 each and Signature Collection cards are available from $4.99 – $8.99 each.

 So who will you send a card to? What would you do with the Hallmark Seven Card Challenge?

I am also offering a giveaway of a prize just like the one I received. Send seven cards to seven special people. The value of that prize is about $35.

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