Special K Cracker Chips #giveaway

You know how brands are always trying to breed the chip with crackers to make something more healthy than a chip and less boring than a cracker? You know how it never, ever works? The cracker ends up being too much like a cracker still to pass for a chip? Well, my friends this time they got it right. I was lucky to get connected with Kellogg’s at Blissdom last year and they’ve been sending me little prize boxes all year filled with their latest items. I love new cereals and new granola bars and other products, but I was itching to try these, because we lead a healthy lifestyle, but I adore chips. I know I shouldn’t, but I love them and they are my weakness. So I am always trying to replace my love with something less fattening. These Special K Cracker Chips are fabulous. They are the right amount of crunch, balanced with perfect calorie count and great taste. There are several flavours. Original, Sour Cream and Onion and Cheddar. I am loving the original flavor and my girls seem to love them too.
Only 80 calories for 20 crackers, or chips.
Kellogg’s wanted to offer one of my readers a package like mine (all the flavors)
These are a little bit salty and I love that. 

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