Back To School

Start the School Year with Mabel’s Labels #TMMBTS

Getting ready for school starts with some of these waterproof bag tags from Mabel’s Labels


It all starts here. The Back to School routine for me every year starts with Mabel. Because kids are forgetful – some more than others. And stuff goes missing every school year, but not for long with Mabel.
Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo is perfect for every family. We label most things here the week before school. I love that you can personalize the labels easily as kids grow. My Ainsley started her preschool career with a symbol. She was a bumblebee. So Mabel’s Labels were great even for her at that time as a pre-reader. I mean even if you can’t necessarily read your name you can tell that the winter hat with the bumblebee label inside is yours. Recently we graduated to the Tween Pack which is a variety package itself and there are some funky symbols there – skateboards and skeletons. But this school year as back to school time approached Ainsley, now 10, decided a shark was more her style. Right now sharks are her mini obsession. She can cite random shark facts about many different breeds at random and is fascinated reading about shark attacks. So we loaded up on Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back-to-School Combo
Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back to School package includes:
(available through Sept. 30th)
40 Skinny-minis
50 Tag Mates
16 shoe labels
and 2 Teeny Tags
For $42.00 (shipping is free and delivery is fast)
  I love the bag tags for purses and backpacks and pencil cases and so on, but the real proof of how beautifully these babies work is in the snow pants and the extra curricular items that often get left behind at rehearsal or practice, or martial arts lessons. More than once I have recovered my kid’s snow pants because of Mabel. (That has saved me at least $100. Snow pants are hard to replace in January for instance.) More than once I have heard staff at martial arts or theatre group hand something back to us personally while commenting how much they LOVE Mabel’s Labels too. It makes sense that it’s easier for them to get items back to their rightful owners as well. I mean nobody wants to be keeper of a massive Lost and Found.
So go ahead and label those dance shoes so the left foot can be reunited with the right. And don’t forget the water bottles. (some of those are expensive) Mabel is great for a lot of uses and ages. She’s also got a great fundraising program that I love. You might be able to help your school this school year with fundraising via Mabel. It’s easy to sign your school up fast. And Mabel is very social (sort of like my kids during class.)
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Disclosure: I received product to facilitate this review. This post also contains affiliate links. My opinion is my own. Mabel gets a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ every time for me. She’s worth it. The labels last and they make sure your products are returned. That is thrifty.

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  • Aeryn Lynne

    Love Mabel’s Labels! I haven’t had a personal need for them before, but I’ve seen how helpful they’ve been for friends w/ kids; such a smart thing to do. The nephew is going to Kindergarten for the first time this year, and I keep going to their website thinking I should pick up a tag or two for his brand new lunch box and backpack, just in case any of the other kids would have identical uber cool bags too. $42 is definitely worth a bit of peace of mind, and what a great selection of tags/labels!

  • Deanna T.

    That back to school pack sounds like it would definitely have you covered. Honestly, that would likely last me two years! Which makes it a pretty good deal.

  • Randa Derkson

    That’s a great price to have you covered for the year…and more. I’m looking at putting the little guy in a day care once or twice a week (so he can be around kids and I can get work done). I’ll have to look into this 🙂