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Last Chance for Back to School Week #TMMBTS

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Well here we are almost the end of August. Tear. Tear. Sad panda face. I love me a good summer break. Mostly, I love beautiful weather and gorgeous hot sunny beaches. But I can see the writing on the wall and it spells: Back to School. So this coming week is all about Back to School at Thrifty Momma’s Tips.
This coming week, or two if I need to go longer with the amount of stuff I want to highlight here, will be dedicated to bringing my readers all the best products. The cutest fashions, supplies and even a few tips and tricks for back to school will be featured front and centre here as we all start over fresh in a new grade with new possibilities. We have some lovely items to share!!
Now I am not going to lie. I am far from ready. I have some great supplies ready to go and I am starting to turn my head to the idea of preparing the kids for the routine. I am also contemplating all of the coming changes to my schedule. More work and new clients, which is exciting, but means we all have to make some changes and we all have to take on some more responsibilities.
When I was a kid I loved summer, but I also really loved Back to School. Why? Well we did some back to school shopping and we got new stuff every year. I liked showing up in what I thought was a stylish new outfit every September and I really loved the thrill of finding out who my new teacher was and who my new classmates would be. Also, I still kind of love the smell of a brand new pencil case and pencil crayons that have yet to be worn down by the classroom sharpener. School made me happy and I loved learning.
Anyways, this week I am sharing school accessories, necessities and routines.
Brands: this is your last chance to get in on a sponsored post, review or giveaway.
All of the brands I work on the Back to School calendar will be pinned to my Pinterest Back to School board and shared with a hashtag #TMMBTS

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