This Sterling Silver Jewellery Tells a Story

Citrus Silver sterling silver jewellery tells a story about you. Isn’t that what you want your jewellery to do? When you choose a piece from Citrus Silver, you get a one of a kind sterling silver hand-stamped necklace, that captures your personality or personal philosophy. There’s something lovely and empowering about that.

High quality pieces from this Canadian jewellery brand range from gorgeous wrap bracelets to fashionable necklaces and earrings too. I received the Citrus Silver sterling silver Fierce necklace last week and I haven’t take it off. It shows no sign of tarnishing, which to me speaks of the high quality product.


If you know me at all then you are aware by now that I love jewellery. In fact I frequently share pieces that I love here. Sterling silver is my go to. Sterling silver jewellery is beautiful, durable, affordable and versatile. Citrus Silver has you covered for sterling silver pieces.

This Canadian company has a unique creative approach. Their jewellery is all about defining yourself by a mantra, a philosophy or sentiment that brings you joy. Each and every beautiful piece of heirloom quality Citrus Silver jewellery tells a story and I love that idea.

Every Piece of Citrus Silver Jewellery Tells a Story

Citrus Silver concentrates on two things – sterling silver and telling a story. They focus on sterling silver because of its beauty and affordability, and this is one reason I love sterling silver as well. The other thing about silver is that it allows letter and numbers to leave a clear, deep impression on the surface that lasts forever.

There are many gorgeous pieces available, or you can create your own featuring your children’s names. It was hard for me to choose between Fierce necklace, the Courage bracelet that Aeryn wrote about on Geek With Style, and Seek Adventure necklace that Ann wrote about over here on her blog, Kickass Living.

Citrus Silver uses a hand stamped technique for the highest quality lettering and numbering, to deliver a very personal, customized piece that features clean, bold lines, unparalleled craftsmanship, and an attention to detail. Their pieces are the kind that you will love for a lifetime and that always keep that special memory or feeling close to your heart.


Citrus Silver Tells My Story

I love that this is a Canadian company and I buy from Canadian brands whenever possible. I chose a hand stamped necklace with the word “Fierce” on it to remind myself to always be fierce in whatever I do. In business and life, good things come to those who know their value, and in today’s world, it’s easy to forget just how valuable we are. With my “Fierce” necklace, I’ll always remember my worth!

Fierce is a word that inspires confidence so that’s why I love this particular necklace. Tonight I wore it to a Group Active class and I nailed it. Maybe it was what I had for dinner and maybe it was just a good night. But I was FIERCE. Nailed that class.


Let Citrus Silver Tell Your Story

Citrus Silver brings the highest quality sterling silver jewellery to the marketplace and their pieces always come with a meaning. They are affordable, beautiful, inspiring and timeless.

I love my necklace, and I think you’ll love any piece you get from them, as well. So check out Citrus Silver for yourself. Follow them on social channels too: Find Citrus Silver on Facebook and on Twitter too.

The Citrus Silver owner has also agreed to sponsor a giveaway for one lucky reader. Enter now for a chance to win a $50 code to get your own piece. Canada only.

I received product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 


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