Three Brands That Got Social Media Right This Week



I haven’t done one of these in several months. But today I am all ideas and scattered creativity and I can’t seem to focus on what I need to get done, so I felt like reflecting instead. Sometimes getting these things out of my head helps me organize my brain. Anyhoo…I have seen a lot of great outreach this week and that makes me happy. But I wanted to take a minute reflecting on just a select few brands who hit the right note on Mother’s Day. These are my social media wins this week.


Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make the biggest difference. Mother’s Day is a big deal in marketing world. Everyone and their uncle pitch something with a Mother’s Day angle. I get it. I am okay with that. In fact I play in that arena myself as a social media consultant. Carter’s did not have a gigantic flashy campaign. They had the usual marketing to Moms and they issued an appeal to share your mother’s day moments with us #cartersmoms. That’s all nice and sweet and hits the expected note. But I have to say their use of the DM actually was the one thing that knocked my socks off. Someone in their social media department thought hey how nice would it be if we sent each and every one of our Carter’s children’s clothing twitter followers a personal Direct Message? On Mother’s Day they sent out a simple and personalized DM to me and it made me happy and it made me feel good. “Wishing you all the love you can hold Paula. Happy Mother’s Day!” Simple and personal and WOW. Follow them @Carters.


UNICEF: Anyone who knows me knows I have a heart for non profits and agencies that help children, or Moms, in any way, shape, or form. UNICEF is one of the biggest agencies out there globally fighting for better quality of life for children. I have huge respect for them. Emails come and go and there are many that we get on Mother’s Day. But the email I received from UNICEF was different and lovely. It was clear in tone and simply a Mother’s Day card that was personally addressed to me. There was no ask. Just a:

“Hi Paula,

Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with the kids. …Just wanted to say I’m thinking of you and to thank you for all that you’ve done to support mothers and children around the world……..and we’ll be in touch shortly.”

Why did I like that? It’s a simple acknowledgement of Mother’s Day and there is no ask. You are now top of mind. This is how a brand relationship works. LOVE.

World Vision Canada: This was one close to my heart, for obvious reasons. I travelled with World Vision Canada in 2014 and I loved that and it was hard and beautiful and sad and bigger than me. I enjoyed telling people how meaningful gifts from the World Vision gift catalogue make a difference for Moms in areas of the world where poverty is harsh reality. I enjoyed this one because it mattered and because it is my issue and my outreach program.

These were my favourite social media wins this week…what were some of the great social media programs you noticed this week?

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    I love P&G mother’s day commercials as well as many WestJet media campaigns. They really pull at the heart strings. I do agree that it makes such a huge difference if a brand reaches out just to touch base, wish you a happy mother’s day or simply have a great long weekend 🙂

    • Paula schuck

      Yes I agree that when they exhibit a touch of personality and humanity by connecting personally with us it leads to.increased loyalty. I love that and think it’s smart.

  • Jennifer Williams

    It is funny I had not realized how far I had gotten from all of this until now. I rarely watch tv and never listen to music that is not downloaded so I miss a lot of the social media advertising. It was nice that Unicef reached out to you, that personal touch is always appreciated.

  • Rosey

    I didn’t really notice any, but I love the examples you put forth. I especially liked the Carter’s. 🙂