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Are Your Getting Enough Fruits and Veggies? Printable Fruit and Vegetable Journal

Healthy eating and healthy living is a constant goal here. We each exercise a lot and we are a very active family in my opinion. In fact my kids are involved in many sports and we try to balance that out by building in our own sports and fitness goals and activities too. One area where we all need help though is eating. We strive to include enough fruits and vegetables daily, but don’t always get there.


Fruit and veggie journal

Eating well can be challenging for any family. There is always room for improvement. I have a brutal sweet tooth that is hard to get a handle on. But this year so far I have targeted my high blood pressure issue by making my diet over. In fact I eliminated a lot of sodium. Never ever do I add salt to anything now and I seek out foods that are lower in sodium. And also I have trimmed my caffeine consumption. So now I have dramatically reduced my coffee intake.

But am I getting enough fruits and vegetables? Actually, I know I can do better with that. We squeeze salads in often but because of my Crohn’s Disease and high blood pressure I have some restrictions on food already so it can be challenging to get all the nutrients I need. Some vegetables don’t work for me and neither do some fruits. Sometimes I can fix that by adding smoothies.

Do you get enough fruits and vegetables daily? Do your kids get enough servings of fruits and vegetables? Did you know that you are supposed to get 7 to 8 servings of fruits and vegetables if you are a woman and you are over age 35. If you are a kid and you are roughly my daughter’s ages 11 to 13 then you should get 5 to 6 servings. The Canada Food Guide recommendations can be found here if you are interested in more detail. Either way, regardless of your age we all need to be conscious of healthy eating and strive to add more fruits and vegetables to our diets.

This printable fruit and vegetable journal can help you and your children to keep track of what you are eating and strive for healthy eating habits. I have some other printable healthy eating and food journals on Pinterest. All these printables are free by the way.

To access the printable you can either right click on the above image and save to your computer and then print it out or you can download from the PDF link below. The PDF link below is typically clearer and bigger so I always recommend that.

Printable Fruit and Vegetable Journal – red-green

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  • debbie

    this is an excellent idea I try to eat healthy too and aim forr 5 plus a day of fruit and vege and dont put much thought into it but it would be good to keep a track for me and the kids