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Tween Clothing Brands For Sports and #Travel

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I love how happy and confident my kids look in this clothing.

I am a Mom who loves children’s clothing that is versatile. Limeapple Asana pants and the first place zip up jacket go from the playground to the airport to the basketball court to horseback riding and gym class making changes effortless for athletic girls. Limeapple has a fabulous range of girl’s athletic clothing that is perfect for kids like mine.

limeapple athletic clothing
Limeapple is versatile

I have really active girls who participate in half a dozen sports. Swimming, martial arts, horseback riding and basketball are just a few of the sports they take part in. There was a point when they were little that I had no issue finding track pants, jackets and even track suits at places like Costco. But now it’s almost impossible to find ones that fit. After the 6 X and 8 sizes the options are limited. Thank goodness we found Limeapple. We have the Limeapple asana pants and the Limeapple zip up first place jacket and my daughter has already worn them to most of her basketball tournaments, an airport, a cruise ship and dozens of martial arts events too.

Tween Clothing Brands
Tween Clothing Brands For Sports and Travel

If you travel at all, then you know how crucial it is to have comfortable clothing for kids that is also as easy to whip on and off in an airplane as it is to pull off in the van or on the basketball court. Limeapple track suits are light and I love the colour blocking details on the t-shirts and the jackets. The colour blocking makes the product unique and fresh and fun.


The amount of wear we get out of this set makes it extremely worth the price. The material is soft and breathable and Limeapple service is excellent and fast. Their clothing is durable and it washes easily and the fabric remains strong even after washing. Limeapple also has a team uniform line on their web site. They are one of my favourite tween clothing brands, especially for sporty girls.

Where to get the look:

Limeapple On line clothing store

Limeapple first place zip up jacket.


Limeapple asana pants.

I am a Limeapple affiliate and this post contains affiliate links. I highly recommend this brand and this cute track suit.

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