Monday Mingle from Asheville

Well this week I am joining the Monday Mingle from Asheville’s Type A Mom Conference. Hope you all enjoyed the week and have a safe and happy one coming up. This Mingle was created by Jennifer at
So the way it works is you link up with the little mingle button on the side, visit Jennifer Regan’s blog. Record a vlog. Link up on her site and visit the other vloggers. This is a great way to grow as a blogger and to gain experience vlogging and maybe make a few friends too. According to a whole techie girl panel here at Type A Mom this vlogging and multimedia approach is the future of mom media. I listened to some very savvy entrepreneurs like Maria Bailey of Mom TV and Danielle Smith and on the Saturday panel of experts and I am newly committed to maximizing my potential in this area. This vlog may not be kick ass yet, but just wait…

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Debbie

    Dark Tag sounds like so much fun. Sense of impaired direction? Thank goodness for GPS (hope you get another one soon). And getting angry, that’s me too. BTW I love your autumn leaves on your video 🙂

  • Maricris Zen Mama

    It was nice meeting you Paula. Too bad it was at the last day of the conference. Didn’t even know you’re from Ontario, I could have talked to you more. A cousin lives there =) Maybe next time around and of course online too!