Win a $10,000 Dream Kitchen – My Renovation Reveal #FinishYourKitchen

This is not my dream kitchen. It is my old kitchen. The one I cooked in for 13 years. The one I fed my babies in, the one that was childproofed and messed up, and raided, and cleaned – not often enough – perhaps, but hey life is busy. This is the kitchen where I dreamed of a business and then set it up, the one my girls crawled through and toddled through and ran through, where the old blue counters held the weight of their entire bodies as we perched to gaze into the yard at wild turkeys, where we spied yearly bunny rabbits hiding behind the climber.
This is not my dream kitchen. But it was MY kitchen and it was a space where life happened. Even when life was the old cabinet falling onto my toe and breaking it right before we helped host our first ever skating party for our adoptive families support group. 
Last month we finally took the big old plunge and renovated this room. It was a miserable little room that was falling apart near the end and it needed a lot of TLC. We are strongly contemplating moving and we knew the old blue kitchen was hideous. So now we get nice and clean and lovely, not quite a dream kitchen, but soo so much better. We chose tile and countertops and cabinets and paint colours. It was overwhelming, loud and necessary.
This is the dream kitchen for our home. Do you love it? I do. It’s the kitchen that we should have built 10 years ago. It’s fresh and clean and uncluttered and new. It is lovely. I am happy we finally committed to the short-term pain.
This is the kitchen renovation and inspiration board on Pinterest where I dream about my new home and new products and fun dinner parties. I love so many of the beautiful, but functional open kitchens. In my dream kitchen there will be so many beautiful cupboards that I will never have to pile my Costco purchases in the corner as I did in the past. There will be an island, a microwave (hidden) and huge walk in pantry that looks lovely, gorgeous floors and a beautiful backsplash. There will be a big dishwasher. Not an apartment sized tiny thing that fit a tiny kitchen. There might be a window seat somewhere and there will be a fantastic sink with great faucets. There will also be Finish Quantum. Because that is all we use. I never scrimp on dishwasher tabs. I have learned. Finish has a host of products for diswashers and we have tried each of them: Gelpacs, Quantum and Powerballs. We love the Powerballs and Gelpacs and we did a challenge with them last year. You can read all about the Finish difference and the secret life of a dishwasher here.
This is my dreamy kitchen. 

If you are dreaming of your own new kitchen renovation this is a contest you want to hear about.

Finish®, in partnership with Bosch®, is looking to make this a reality for 10 lucky winners. They will be giving away 10 Ultimate Kitchen makeovers valued at $10,000 as part of their Buy One Get One with mail-in- rebate in-store promotion. 

Don’t enter here. Go to the store and buy specially marked packages of Finish now. But leave me a comment telling me what your dream kitchen looks like. Better yet send me your Pinterest links here and I will follow or comment or both! I love that inspiration. Keep it coming. And don’t forget to enter to win. Try Quantum first.

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Disclosure – I am participating in the Ultimate Kitchen Makeover Blogger Campaign on behalf of Finish. I received compensation as a thank you for participating and for sharing my honest opinion. The opinions on this blog are my own.

So what does your dream kitchen look like? Share a pin or two here. I love to gather ideas.

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