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Deep Relief Heat Therapy Yoga Gift Pack #Giveaway

In case you haven’t been around here for awhile, let me catch you up. We are in the process of renovating, painting and decluttering. We are packing lots of boxes and trying to live a regular semblance of family life. We now have a storage space and we are transferring clutter (toys, books, photos etc.) to a storage locker. This entails a fair amount of lifting. So to recap: boxes, renovations, regular fitness routines and Oh yeah pain in my back, and neck, and shoulders. Lifting is a pain literally.
Then I got this Deep Relief Heat Therapy for review. Included with that is a monster prize pack of other Deep Relief products and a yoga mat and bag. Anyways, I was in need of Deep Relief before I started the packing and now well, I need it a lot more than I did. I am thinking I might even pack it in my purse when I go out for the next few months.
Deep Relief Heat Therapy is Canada’s first topical analgesic Heat Spray. It has targeted pain relief for sore muscles. I find my neck and shoulders get terribly stiff and painful after typing on a laptop for hours on end. I gave Deep Relief Heat Spray a try this week. I am warning you know it has a great range of natural ingredients in it, but some of the ingredients have a very distinct minty smell. So don’t spray it on before you go dancing or anything. The scent was surprisingly brisk and fresh and really is irrelevant when you are sore and ready for sleep anyways. The spray tingled at first and then it felt cool before it warmed up. Then ever so slowly it felt like a little massage on my back. That was a pretty awesome fast and unexpected sensation. Did it work? Yes. I will keep using this spray for back pain. In combination with my yoga and centergy and pilates and regular exerice this works really well. Also it did not irritate skin at all.
Do you want to try some?
Follow the directions below and enter to win a $75 Prize Pack like mine.
Included is: 1 Dual Action Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain Relief – $14.99
1 Ice Cold Spray Gel $8.99
1 Spray and Strain Relief Spray $8.99
1 Deep Relief Heat Spray $8.99
1 Yoga Mat and 1 Yoga Bag $35.00
Good Luck! Canadians only please! Also you can win this only once. There are several blogs giving this prize pack away. You can enter across several blogs but you can only win once. 

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