Worldictionary App Review – Decoding Different Languages for Travellers

Worldictionary is a great new app for travellers and business people.

Also excellent for Moms and Dads with a child learning a second language in school. (Me!) So yes, it is virtually a good tool for anyone. I have been playing with this one for a couple of weeks and thought it worth sharing here.

But How Much is It?

The APP sells for $5.99 and uses the camera feature on your Iphone. It provides instant real-time translation for travellers.

A useful feature if you are abroad and wondering what that roadside sign in Mexico means. Worldictionary by Penpower Technology works well with my Iphone 3GS and also runs nicely on the Iphone 4. Also for use with the Ipad 2.

How to Use it?

Simply point the camera at the word and translate. The range of languages covered is vast – from French to Afrikaans, Spanish and lesser known Finnish. Japanese, Catalan, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian. Well, you get the idea.

There are 21 languages in total. Simply place the camera lens – a giant magnifying glass on the screen over the word in question and the App will come up with a translation for you instantly. The app works with either an Iphone 3GS or an Iphone 4 and needs iOS 4.2 or later to run.

I upgraded my Iphone 3GS to iOS 4.2 from 4.0 in order to make the APP run smoothly. That was simple enough. Character recognition and processing technology need these requirements for the Worldictionary to run efficiently.

How to Get it?

Available for purchase through Itunes, this app is worth it. I will use for my travels and also for helping with the kiddo’s homework as needed. I went around the house choosing French textbooks and readers the girls use so I could test out different typing fonts and different sizes of words. It worked well every time and was quite fun too. I like how simple it is to use and can see using Worldictionary in a whole range of situations.

Worldictionary automatically saves your search records allowing you to build your own database of words translated. It requires a network connection. There is no typing required which is also nice in a lazy way. Love the magnifying feature and also love that it uses my built-in camera. It provides translation of two adjacent words and can easily transition over to Goggle or Youtube to provide further context of the word.

It supports 21 different languages for pronunciation. The only improvement I would wish for this one is the ability to translate a whole sentence in one snap. That would earn a five star rating for me.

Worldictionary App gets a $$$$ 1/2 out of $$$$$.
Compatible with Iphone 4 and Iphone 3GS, Ipad 2 also. Needs network connection.

Disclosure: I received the app for free in order to review it.

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