Adorable Kid’s Pet Guinea Pig Colouring Page

Do you have small pets? Then you might enjoy this cute guinea pig colouring page.

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We are a family with guinea pigs. We have had guinea pigs as pets for over a decade. They make adorable family pets and they are not that much effort. Low maintenance really.

In fact, they are kind of cuddly and they can be very sweet.

A few of our friends also have guinea pigs as pets so that’s why I thought this cute guinea pigs colouring page printable would be perfect to share.

Why Guinea Pigs Make Good Pets

There are many reasons guinea pigs make good pets. They live 3-6 years and typically don’t cost a lot of money. Kids really just need to feed and water them and change the cage about twice a week.

They need their claws clipped occasionally and safely with nail trimmers. Not a hard task at all. Guinea pigs are not loud – for the most part.

Our Guinea Pigs

Over the years we have had about 10 guinea pigs, mostly because at one point I bought each of the girls a guinea pig and the pet store assured me that they were both girls, or both boys, either way I forget now. Anyways, each of the girls had a cage for their own guinea pigs, but they were let out of the cages and they played on blankets in the basement and occasionally in our yard with supervision.


Well, guess what?

One was a boy. So, when we returned from a weekend at my brother’s house in Toronto, we suddenly had one huge guinea pig. Not even two days later we had five guinea pigs!

Baby guinea pigs are actually the cutest things. But, we knew then that five guinea pigs would equal 10 or 12 guinea pigs and so on and so forth.


Point being – they breed fast and often. BE SURE you have either only one guinea pig or same sex guinea pigs.

So, we split them up and sold three baby guinea pigs to different people who wanted guinea pigs for their kids. While my daughters were sad, they each made $10 out of that and that soothed the upset for a bit.

Check out this guinea pig colouring page and print it out now for a cute little free activity for kids.

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Print the above content out by clicking on the download now link. Easy Peasy!

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Products We Love For Guinea Pigs

Bedding for the Cages


There are several different types of bedding that you can buy but the one that is wood shavings is super messy so we don’t recommend that one. Kaytee and CareFresh are the best in our opinion. 


Go with something that is not too expensive because they eat a lot and poop a lot too. This guinea pig food is higher end and higher quality. Also honestly, you might as well order it all on Amazon. It’s just easier. You will also need a Food Dispenser for the hay.

This combo starter pack is a good place to start. Of course you need water bottles and cages too. 

Water Bottle

Listen, we went through 5 of these before we found the right one that DOES NOT LEAK all over the cage making it a wet mess of stink. This Living World Guinea Pig water bottle is the only one we like.

If you enjoy or use this cute guinea pig colouring page, please leave me a comment and let me know. Enjoy!

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