Shrimp Life Cycle Booklet

Shrimp is one of my favourite foods, so I started to wonder recently about the shrimp life cycle too. My brain sometimes works that way.


If you spend any time here on Thrifty Mommas Tips at all, then you probably already know that shrimp is my food. Just last month I wrote about a shrimp boat tour that we did in 2019 in Coastal Mississippi.

But what do you actually know about shrimp? I mean they taste great and all, but what’s their life cycle like?


Shrimp Life Cycle

The shrimp life cycle is actually pretty interesting. If you are doing any learning units about food and where it comes from then this might be the right thing for you to share with your family, or your class.

Lately, I have been sharing a few educational resources such as this bald eagle life cycle booklet. I think we can all use the extra educational free resources this year.

What’s in the Shrimp Life Cycle Learning Kit?

Here’s what’s included in this cute and free learning tool for school aged kids. 

  • The first page is a which is next in the life cycle stages sheet.
  • Page 2 is a word tracing game.
  • Page 3 is a Self Correcting Puzzle. Use the scissors to cut this out and help reinforce hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.
  • Finally, page 4 is a maze, which is always fun for kids.

Download The Shrimp Life Cycle Booklet Now

Easy, peasy. Click on the link below and print it out. Do leave me a comment if you found this useful. Thanks for reading, always!

Want to Keep the Learning Going?

Check out my Solar System Learning Unit. It is extremely thorough.

Also, I have a turkey life cycle activity, in addition to the horse life cycle games that live here too. 

Finally, don’t miss the Frog Life Cycle booklet. It is one of my most popular content

Seahorse Life Cycle activity and finally a Bee Life Cycle activity.

What is your favourite fresh food?

Are there any specific resources you can use this year? Let me know and I will find them for you.

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