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Atlantis Resort, Bahamas – What to do on Your Bahamian Getaway

Atlantis Resort is one of the biggest and most well known resorts in the Bahamas, and it’s no wonder. With so much to see and do and an amazing location, Atlantis Resort will make you feel transported. When you arrive at Atlantis, you’re immediately swept away. Tropical beauty, the prospect of hours of fun, and the magic of Atlantis combine to make you feel like a kid again.

But with all of that wondrous beauty and so many things to do, it can be a bit overwhelming. It’s almost an overload of choices for many newcomers to the resort. The size and scope of this resort is absolutely massive, and it’s hard to know what to do. Their waterscape alone is 141 acres! So let’s take a look at a newcomers guide to the most fun things to do at Atlantis Resort.

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Atlantis Resort

So, the resort is massive. Absolutely gargantuan. That’s why I’ve put this list of things to do at the resort for those who haven’t been before. If you want to experience everything the resort has to offer, you should plan on coming back – which is a great goal, FYI – (one I am working on myself) but on your first trip, these are the absolute most fun things to do.



Dolphin Cay

Dolphin Cay is a 14 acre marine habitat dedicated to conservation, rehabilitation, and education. It’s committed to advanced research and learning as much as possible about marine mammals. This is a fun educational activity to do while you’re at the resort. There are a large number of different activities to enjoy, but the Shallow Water Interaction is a huge draw. Here you’ll swim with the amazing dolphins that live at the Cay. It’s not inexpensive so be warned and if you only have a day to spend here then you might wish to skip this and focus on the water park.





Absolutely the most amazing water park, you’ll ever visit, Aquaventure is 141 acres of waterslides, river rides, pools, and more. They even have private cabanas. I recommend making a day of this one. If you have limited time at the resort, it wouldn’t be a terrible choice to spend your time exclusively at the water park. In fact that’s what we did the day we docked off the Norwegian Escape and decided to have some fun. There’s more than enough to spend a day here.

Atlantis Adventures

For the more adventurous lot, Atlantis Adventures offers amazing experiences on your trip. While there are 8 different experiences you can enjoy, I recommend Snorkeling the Ruins of Atlantis or a Snuba adventure. Snuba is a combination of Scuba diving and snorkeling that requires no certification. Both of these are amazing Atlantis resort experiences.


Golf enthusiasts will love the Nassau Golf Course. The challenging, overwhelmingly beautiful course was designed by Tom Weiskopf and offers the ultimate golfing experience. This 18-hole, par 72 championship course is a must play for the avid golfer. Read more about the Bahamas here.

THE BEST Waterslides

The Atlantis Aquaventure waterslide I couldn’t get enough of was the one that swept you down through a shark tank. In fact, sharks swim around you. This one is called the Serpent Slide and you ride in a tube through the darkness of the temple until you emerge in a shark tank!! Sharks swim all around you. Don’t worry you are safe. It’s not at all scary but a lot of fun and a really unique experience too. This might be my favourite waterslide of all time (so far anyways).

AND don’t ever forget The Current, an alleged lazy river, with four foot high waves and rapids at Aquaventure. It looks like a lazy river and yet that’s a complete misnomer, because it is anything but lazy. Pay attention to the rules and be sure that you follow the age limits as well. The Current has rushing rapids and waterfalls and epic waves and sometimes you don’t see them coming. My favourite river ride ever. LOVED this!!


Mandara Spa

If you’re taking a trip to Atlantis Resort, you’re already looking forward to relaxation and the ultimate in a getaway experience. So enjoy the Mandara Spa for a true pampered getaway. This award-winning spa offers massage, facials, body treatments, and a salon. Each and every one of these offer a variety of luxurious treatments.

Atlantis Resort is Worlds Away

There is so much to see and do at Atlantis Resort, it’s not just a world away – it’s worlds away. With a 14 acre aquatic habitat and 141 acre water park alone, Atlantis Resort is absolutely enormous. Everything about the resort is epic in both scale and opportunity for amazing experiences. If you’ve never been before, take advantage of the activities I listed above for an all-around great experience and book a second trip to Atlantis Resort to enjoy even more.

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  • Tamara

    Boy, I do like a good Lazy River but that one might be not so lazy! I’ve had dreams of visiting the Bahamas, and specifically, Atlantis since I was a little kid.
    My kids won’t say “no” because every time we see a travel commercial for Atlantis, they get excited.

  • Censie Sawyer

    My coworker took her son to Atlantis and they had a great time. The pictures looked amazing. Since she shared her trip with us we have been hoping to go as a family one day. My kids have never been to the beach!! Soon hopefully!

  • lisa

    WOW, your images are BEAAUTIFUL! What a great vacation, I am seeking to make this trip this year so thanks so much for sharing this post. I can’t wait to visit Atlantis, look like it has lots of things to do!!

  • Tami

    Oh, there’s so much to do here. Hubby and I need to get away. We were supposed to go on a trip 5 years ago, then I wound up pregnant unexpectedly. Yes, he’s a blessing but we need to breathe! LOL Mandara Spa here I come!

  • shannon

    Great post! I visited Atlantis briefly during my 1-day stopover in the Bahamas over a decade ago. I’ve been itching to get back ever since. It would definitely be my first visit so thank you this will come in handy (hopefully). Pinned!

  • Kiwi

    I heard of Atlantis Resort. I have never been to the Bahamas before yet but I heard of this place and you did a great recap. Of course when I eventually go to the Bahamas I have to visit Atlantis!!

  • Echo

    I dream of going to the Bahamas some day. I have never been to the Caribbean and I know I would have a blast there.