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New Barbie Amaze Chase Feature

No big secret here that my kids are Barbie fans. So, when we heard this new movie featuring Barbie was coming out we had to see it to believe it.

Some days I am still certain Barbies are hatching a plot to take over my house. My one daughter has collected Barbies since she was two. I have written about our Love for Barbie often over the years.

I fact my daughter’s love of Barbies is well documented. But what about my Barbie beginnings?




Timeless Toys Look Like This

In the 70s and 80s I grew up with Barbie and I can still recall every last dreamy pink Barbie gift I ever received. My Barbie collection included the Barbie cruise ship and the Barbie camper and so many Ken dolls and adorable Chelsea too. Every birthday I received a new Barbie.

As a child, I dreamed and created and built glorious afternoon stories with the entire Mattel family of Barbie dolls. We were most often on a cruise ship and Ken was a lovely husband to our sweet daughter. My Barbie was always a career Mom. In my childhood, I don’t think I knew any Moms who didn’t work.


When You Don’t Want to Outgrow That Stage

I had it pretty good with my Barbie team and I recall all too well NEVER ever wanting to outgrow that. Now, my girls are right here at this stage. Just last week one of them said to me: “Some of my friends don’t play with dolls anymore. They think dolls are immature for grade X.”

See, that’s the thing about Barbie for me also. She has always given me a beautiful pretty little bridge into my daughter’s world. I take it, grab the bait and hold on tight.

“And what do you think?” I ask. (This is my secret parenting trick number one. Always throw the ball back into their court in form of a question.)

“Well I see what they are saying but I still love to play with dolls.”

“I remember exactly feeling this,” I tell her. “I remember that I was encouraged to grow up and even though I put my Barbie cruise ship in storage at Grandma’s house, I played with it every single time we went over to her house. Dreaded moving them out of our house. Boy, I really loved playing with them a lot.”

My daughter listens as I go on. “So what do you think?”

“Mom, I really still love playing with dolls and I don’t want to give that up yet.”

“Okay, then I think we need to get them out and play right now.”

Strolling Down Memory Lane

The gorgeous thing about parenting is this: you get to relive childhood. But you pick and choose the fun moments and you get to play Barbies on a Saturday afternoon with your soon to be tween daughter, if you wish to do so. So, I am a fan of Barbie for so very many reasons. Barbie opens doors for me with my girls and that is so precious. Confession time –  I am still honestly like a child every time I see the Barbie toy aisle at Target or Walmart.

A Tool For Building Friendships

The Barbie Dreamhouse we have in our basement is epic and it is also a tool for friendships and sharing and connecting. Neighbour girls and my niece love to play at our house because of the Barbie Dreamhouse. My girls sometimes still play together because of the many dolls we have.


I am sure many of you Moms of girls are familiar Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. There is a brand new episode that I am excited about called Amaze Chase. This is the first-ever 22-minute long episode of Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse. There are several chances to win prizes here too so pay close attention.


Enter for a Chance to Win

1. First of all Barbie Amaze Chase wants you to visit the main Barbie hub page and enter to win one of 30 incredible Amaze Chase VIP viewing packages. (Value is over $100)

Go here: and register for an account by entering your phone number. A total of 30 lucky fans will win a Barbie® Amaze Chase suitcase full of Barbie® party essentials and a doll from the Amaze Chase line. The suitcase will give fans everything they need to unpack and get ready for the newest episode of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse, Amaze Chase, airing November 23 on Teletoon. Show also airs on YTV on November 30. Two great chances to catch this show!!

This Prize Includes!!

This prize kit includes: (Remember there are 30 chances to win this one.)

  • Winter Chalet & Barbie Product (Approx. $50)
  • Barbie party essentials, including plates, cups, napkins, etc.
  • A $35 Loblaw Gift Card


2. To celebrate, I am giving away to one Canadian reader a VIP Viewing Party Prize pack valued at about $60.

My prize includes: 1. special package of Barbie sisters. and a Dream Chalet (wouldn’t someone LOVE those for Christmas?) Actually don’t tell my kids because they are getting some of these things. (so I can keep playing with them too.)


So follow the instructions to win. And don’t forget to watch the YTV premier of Amaze Chase is November 23 @ 5PM on Teletoon & November 30 @ 8:30AM on YTV. (it promises to be fun. This is an episode where Barbie goes on a sort of Amazing Race type trip with her friends!


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