Best Environmentally Safe Ways to Keep Pests out of your Garden

Your garden can be a calming, relaxing, and rewarding experience. You get to grow your own food and know that your food is coming from a healthier place than what you might find in your local grocery store.

When it comes to having your own garden there are pests that can arrive to threaten your crop. If you have pests hanging around your garden and you are searching for some of the best environmentally safe ways to keep them out, then you’ve come to the right place.


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Check out my list of the best environmentally safe options to keep those pesky pests out of your garden. If you need indoor all natural pest control read my gardening content too.

Best Environmentally Safe Ways to Keep Pests out of your Garden

Garlic Spray

Mix the cloves from about five bulbs of garlic with 17 ounces of water, be sure to crush the cloves up before mixing them in the water. Leave the cloves in water to infuse for at least six hours. Once the garlic and water have infused, you’ll need to add a bit of dish soap before straining the mixture and placing in a spray bottle. Spray this around your garden, being careful not to get the spray on your vegetables or other edible garden plants as it may cause a flavor change if spray close to harvest time.

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Epsom Salt

Mixing one cup of Epsom salt in five gallons of water. Transfer the mixture gradually into a spray bottle. You may spray this mixture in and around your garden to keep pests out of your garden. This mixture has been known to burn slugs and beetles to the point that they slowly stop coming around your garden plants. If you want to skip the water with Epsom salt mixture, you can simply sprinkle Epsom salt around your plants to give them nutrients while keeping pests away.

Vegetable Oil

This vegetable oil mixture is another environmentally safe way to keep pests out of your garden. Mix a quarter cup of dish liquid into one cup of vegetable oil and shake together until the mixture turns white. Seal this mixture in an airtight container and only take about one tablespoon of the mixture with one cup of water before spraying on your plants every five to seven days. 

Lemon Pesticide

Creating this lemon pesticide mixture will help keep bugs away, but it has to actually touch the pest’s body in order to keep pests out of your garden. To make this lemon pesticide you’ll have to bring a pint of water to a boil, add lemon rind to the boiling water that you’ve taken off the stove. Allow the rind to steep overnight and then use a mesh cloth to strain the lemon pesticide into a spray bottle. 

Essential Oils

Lastly, there are many essential oil blends that work as an environmentally safe way to keep pests out of your garden. Peppermint essential oil is a great option to spray on the garden plants. Clove essential oil will help with flying pests that get into your garden. You can also use rosemary essential oil to repel any flying insects as well as insect larvae.


Keep Pests Away

There you have it, a small list of environmentally safe options to keep your pests out of the garden. Each of these options will help to ensure that you keep pests away from your crop while enjoying a chemical-free harvest when your garden starts to grow delicious vegetables. 

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