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Five Easy Natural Ways to Tackle Hot Flashes #Health

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 Menopause changes everything. But it doesn’t have to be horrid. Menopause generally occurs between the ages of 40-50 years old and it is basically a big hormone shift that causes all sorts of side effects including hot flashes. I remember my Mom and her friends talking about hot flashes. They sounded bizarre to a kid at the time, and now it’s my friends talking hot flashes.
Hot flashes are basically just an episode of when you get really hot and begin sweating profusely, they come out of nowhere and they can feel awful! Sometimes these hot flashes last for just a couple minutes but they can even last for an hour or so.
Today I thought I would share a few tips and tricks on how to relieve those hot flashes more quickly and keep you comfortable. Surprising fact: I did not know before I researched this post that you should drink more water when you are menopausal. That said, it’s pretty much always a good idea at any age.
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-Water: If you’re experiencing a hot flash or you feel one coming on, try drinking a nice cool glass of water. This will keep you hydrated as well as cool down your body temperature. If you are currently going through menopause, it is really recommended to drink more water per day than what is recommended for typical consumption.
-Relax: A lot of times being up and moving can bring on a hot flash, if this occurs take a minute to sit down and relax for a few minutes to allow your hot flash to diminish and you will feel a lot of better!
-Breathe: Another really great way to relieve hot flashes is take a minute to stop whatever you are doing and just take about 5-7 deep breaths in and out. This will help to calm down your body and relieve that hot flash. 
-Sage Tea: Sage is a great natural source to help to bring down your hot flashes. A great way to take sage is in a sage tea. You can find these pre made or make it up yourself and you will feel so much better within just a couple minutes!
-Cool Towel: A really simple solution for your hot flashes is to simple wet a rag with cool water and just place that on your forehead for a few minutes. This can bring down your whole body temperature and should relieve that hot flash pretty quickly. There are also a few products on the market that are essentially cooling towels that you can carry in your purse for when you are out.
Hot flashes can be absolutely horrible and so uncomfortable, but with these simples tips you should become a lot more manageable and should diminish in length and severity! So if you are currently suffering from hot flashes, try out a few of these tips and you will feel so much better.
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