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Five Children’s Fall Essentials

This is a post by My Contributor Bonnie Way, mom of three girls under six years old, living in BC.

September can feel more like a new year than January, as a friend of mine recently mentioned. Summer is over and for many kids (and even parents!), school is starting again. It is a good time to catch sales on new clothes, school supplies, and other fall essentials.

Here is what Iím making sure I have on hand as this new season begins.
1. Cups and bowls and spoons. As kids start preschool and school, it seems like there are never enough eating utensils in the house. I like the stock up on a few extra sippy cups because all of my girls, from my 6-year-old down to my toddler, can use them. It seems they are always thirsty, so I try to keep one in my bag when we’re going out. And the spill-proof factor is necessary for school lunch bags.

2. Books and crafts. Colder weather outside means more time inside. To avoid the “I’m bored!” refrain, I organize the bookshelf and look for some good deals on new books and crafts to keep on hand. Having a stash of small things like card stock paper and new stickers, a pack of Rainbow loom elastics, or pipe cleaners and pom poms helps pass the rainy afternoons. (And when I’m out of ideas for what to do with those supplies, there’s always Pinterest.)

3. Raingear. Fall means the end of sunny, warm weather and the beginning of rainy or snowy weather. That means itís time to pull out the coats, pants, boots and hats from last year and make sure they fit or watch for a sale to get new ones. Here on the Island, we have a lot of wet, rainy days, so Iíve come to appreciate the girls full-body rain suits.

4. Healthy snacks. Back to school means packing lunches again (or snacks for my preschooler), so I start watching for good deals on healthy snacks at the grocery store. I like to keep a variety of foods on hand to keep kids from getting bored with what I’m packing them. And having some easy-to-grab snacks is great for times when I’m in a hurry packing lunches or we have to run out for a playdate or a meeting.

5. New clothes. Kids grow fast. Even if your children aren’t yet starting school, fall is a good time to check the wardrobe and put away the summer things to get out the winter things and see what fits or doesn’t fit from last year. I like watching for sales and shopping secondhand stores.

What’s on your to-do list as fall approaches? What fall essentials are you stocking up on?

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