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Healthy Living: Align Probiotic Review

Probiotics have been in the news a lot this past two years so I have updated this post to include a bit more information. Align Probiotic is one of the options on the market that claims to support digestive health. This post is my personal experience with the product.
My loyal readers here know that I have some health issues, mainly digestive, directly related to Crohn’s disease. Crohn’s Disease is an inflammatory bowel disorder that effects the digestive tract the entire way through. How to manage life with Crohn’s Disease is a whole other post. It flares at any time and disappears and then reappears somewhere else. In fact, even when surgically removed and digestive tract resectioned, the Crohn’s often resurfaces in a different section of gut. It is a very tricky autoimmune disorder that also comes with pain.
I manage my Crohn’s disease well most of the time with diet, exercise, medicine and even alternative therapies. Over two decades, I have learned that I tolerate Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin E (Ascenta Health, Nutrasea Fish Oil) and Adult multi-vitamins. The combination helps me daily. At times, I have used probiotics, but not consistently.
Update 2017: I now add probiotics daily in some form to support immune system and gut health. 

A few months ago I spotted this product Align on the shelves at Loblaw’s and was immediately interested. I started noticing Align probiotic reviews also. It claimed to aid digestive symptoms of IBS (inflammatory bowel syndrome) which is in the gut also, but significantly different from Crohn’s and colitis. Gut health and probiotics have long been linked, so IBD or IBS can probably both benefit somewhat from taking a probiotic daily. I am very conscious of maintaining the right level of helpful bacteria in my digestive tract. I eat yogurt that is high in acidophilus. And I often boost probiotics after illness especially when I have been on an antibiotic which knocks out healthy bacteria.

 So when I was sent the Align product to try I jumped at getting started. But then over Christmas my family got sick with the flu and I felt the results of my trial period with this new probiotic supplement were compromised. So I stopped less than three days in and started again in the New Year. My New Year’s goal for the entire family is better health in all domains, mental, physical and emotional. So what better time than the New Year?

 Now, I have been on Align for three weeks now and obviously it hasn’t cured me of digestive disorder. This product is still interesting to me. It is a bit expensive, but that said if I saw miraculous results I would obviously pay the $29.99 or more a month (28 count package) to use this. Align is more expensive for the 42 count package. It is taken once a day. Align can be found at most grocery stores, big box stores and at some on line hotspots like

So how well does Align Probiotic work?

 I have noticed a few really clear symptoms and results since starting Align.

1. My stomach tends to – how to say this delicately – move more efficiently.

In essence I noted more regular bowel movements.

(which makes me wonder if my daughter needs this..please note packaging states: product intended for age 12 and up.)

2. More gas – I burp a lot more. At first I was a bit alarmed. And while I didn’t really need help in that department, I can see a small benefit to this. Better out than in, so to speak. Also the materials and information from Align indicates this is a common, but temporary symptom. Taking Align regularly and consistently will make this disappear.

3. Align does not upset my stomach. (Many things do, so don’t shrug that off.)

4. Align is not harmful in anyway because it is a probiotic supplement made from a patented bacteria called Bifidobacterium infantis and marketed as Bifantis.

Bifantis has been shown to be the only probiotic bacteria that effectively reduces symptoms associated with irritable bowel syndrome. In my experience, this product doesn’t hurt. If I end up with a significant change once I halt use and experiment with that then I will resume use. As well, I am curious to see if the burping passes. TMI Alert: I really don’t need encouragement to burp. My whole family knows this to be true. There’s great potential for this product in retirement homes and nursing homes where bowel issues are a constant concern due to aging bodies. The price will be a concern to some.

Of course Align probiotic supplement won’t cure all your digestive ailments, but it can help and it really doesn’t hurt to try. To me a package of 28 for $29.99 isn’t outrageous. Align probiotic comes with a digestive results tracking sheet which is a nice little guide to jot down your observations so you know whether or not it makes an impact.

MY ALIGN Probiotic Assessment

 Align gets a $$$$ out of $$$$$. Docking one $ for cost. Easy to use packaging is a bonus. It comes divided in one week at a time packages and each day is clearly labelled. (not unlike birth control pills, so you don’t forget a day.) I plan to continue using this supplement until it is all gone and I will stop for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference.

I received a month supply of Align for purposes of this Align Probiotic Review. This post has been updated to include affiliate links so my readers can easily find this product and buy. My opinion is 100% honest and all my own.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Elisebet F

    So it’s roughly $30 a month? I don’t think that’s bad at all, if it’s something that can genuinely help. I’m not that familiar with probiotic supplements, but I have seen the words here and there… I have a friend who suffers from IBS. I’m going to direct her to this review. Thank you!

  • Maria Iemma

    I have been wondering about a probiotic. Sometimes my digestion is not great and I think a probiotic would help and the cost is not outlandish either. Thanks for the review

  • JB

    How did you do once you finished it and then was off of it for a while? Did you notice any difference that make you want to go back on it again?

  • Cathy

    Thank you so much for your review. I have recently been diagnosed with IBS and have been suffering from all of the typical symptoms in addition to severe pain and hospitalizations. My Gastroenterologist recommended Align and I took my first capsule today. I’m hoping for positive results.