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The Newest Mystery Case Files App and Computer Game – Dire Grove, Sacred Grove

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Dire Grove has been plunged into a deadly cold spell and wild animals threaten you at every turn. How will you find the mystery objects, place clues together to solve puzzles and reveal the mystery of why Dire Grove is coming unglued? That’s the idea at the heart of Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove. Mystery Case Files is Big Fish Games most successful hidden object adventure game. Mystery Case Files App and Computer Game brings the mystery and the fun back to hidden object adventure games with: Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove, the tenth instalment in this fan favourite.



In this version of Mystery Case Files App and computer game for PC, Mac, Smartphone and Tablet you will find yourself in Dire Grove in the middle of a weird fight between hunters and Mistwalkers. You will find some familiar themes here if you have played the Mystery Case Files games before, but here’s what’s new: you can pick your gender, and use an innovative deduction mechanic to discover the secret behind the curse on Dire Grove. You are tasked with the job of preventing a full scale war between hunters and Mistwalkers in Dire Grove. You solve various puzzles and mini games on the way.

There is some gentle horror imagery here and for that reason Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove is recommended for those over nine years old. The mood is ominous as you search for hidden objects on your quest through frozen landscapes in over 15 chapters. The app is available in English, French, German, Japanese and Russian. It works best on iOS 6.0. It is compatible with the iPad.

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove was developed in partnership with third-party game developer Elephant Games. The Mystery Case Files series is available for PC and Mac, Smartphone and Tablet. With 53 million downloads across all platforms, this game is likely to be a gigantic hit again for Big Fish Games.The Mystery Case Files Dire Grove Sacred Grove App might just be the hottest app this season, if only because fans of this series need to see how Big Fish built onto this series to generate number ten.

Mystery Case Files: Dire Grove, Sacred Grove features include:

  • Beautiful hidden object scenes
  • Rube-Goldberg style mini-game puzzles
  • Interactive map with handy transportation feature
  • Ability to collect and display Dire Grove landmarks
  • Collection puzzles that unlock special screensavers
  • Integrated strategy guide within the Collector’s Edition version

The stakes have never been higher in Dire Grove.  Can you prevent an all out war!?  Play now on PC and Mac!

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