New Playtex® Sport® Compact Tampons – Discreet Options for Girls on the Go

I am a spokesperson for Playtex Sport and as such I have been compensated. This is my experience and it is truthful. 

WHEW! I am home for a few days. This summer has been crammed with travel, road trips, camping and camps. My teens have lucked out being able to go camping, hiking, canoeing and visiting their cousins. They’re still active in martial arts and swimming in July and August. BUT, travel and camp, has taken a big role for us this season.

Hiking and traveling this summer. We are a busy family every season year round. My girls don’t slow down for their periods so reliable products are vital.

My girls are 13 and 16. Together we travel often, because that’s a major part of my blog and business here. They need to be ready to run or pack at the drop of a hat. I just drove one to camp for two weeks in Muskoka region of Ontario. On the way to camp I dropped my older girl off at her aunt’s house. Two days before that we went camping. In June we spent a weekend exploring Sherkston Shores. WATERSLIDES!! And we are expecting to stay in a yurt for fun right before school starts.

Last week I bought a box of Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons because I trust Playtex brand feminine hygiene products. I had heard good things already about the discrete tiny compact nature of the new Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons. My older daughter cracked the box open and stocked her backpack with these before we headed to meet my brother and his family to camp in the Kawarthas. My daughter and I  were both astonished at the size of these tampons. TINY and discreet matters, as much as being prepared when traveling.


When you need to run to the bathroom and your tiny cousin wants to follow you the last thing you want is an interrogation about what you are carrying. And if you want to jump in the lake to cool off, or swim, worry free options during your period are vital. Fishing for hours off a dock? No problem. Canoeing? Riding horses? Sailing, playing baseball or basketball? Worry free.


Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons are the newest compact from the #1 athletic tampon brand. They are 30 % smaller than Playtex® Sport® full sized tampons (based on length before extended). Oh, and they offer the same great 360  degree sport level protection. Also crucial, because my kids aren’t slowing down.

As a Mom of teen girls I am in charge of all sorts of new shopping decisions. If one needs face wipes, or facial cleanser that’s up to me. Hair conditioner and product. Me. New bras. Me. Neither one of the girls drives yet and any money they earn they often save. But sometimes this Mom feels like a taxi and an ATM. Bank of Mom occasionally feels drained, even exploited at the checkout. But this is a product I feel great about buying. Playtex Sport supports girl’s sports through their Play On Canada sports initiative. And they get the importance of discreet products for girls on the go.


I can easily recall being a teenage girl in high school. That trip down the hall to the washroom in the middle of class could make you feel self conscious. The struggle to hide tampons in your hand or purse as you walk down the hall…it’s real. When we opened this box of this newest Playtex product – Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons – we were blown away by the size first of all. SO TINY. You can easily conceal in your palm, pencil case, makeup bag or gym bag.

Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons are perfect for active athletic girls, providing great protection no matter what sport you play. Here we do horseback riding, acting, skiing, basketball and martial arts. In fact just a couple of months ago both my girls graded to probationary black belt. That was a big deal and it means heading to lessons at least 3 times a week. Periods can’t slow you down.

The size also makes these ideal for traveling. When you travel a lot, or camp, you know every square inch of backpack, or suitcase is crucial. Small things that take up less space are brilliant when they allow you more freedom. That’s what these do. We are super impressed with this latest Playtex product.

Oh and by the way Playtex Sport web site is my GO TO RESOURCE for moms and daughters. There’s so much information that can help if your daughter is about to start her period, or already has her period. The PERIOD FAQ page is he best, with reliable and useful facts that help.

Playtex® Sport® Compact tampons are available exclusively at Shoppers Drug Mart!

I am a spokesperson for Playtex Sport Compact and as such I have been compensated. This is my opinion and my story and it is truthful. 


Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Alli Smith

    I love that these tampons are compact and discrete. These are great for traveling and especially for young girls having to take a trip to the bathroom. Love it!

  • candy

    Great how you and your girls had such a great last adventure before school starts. Staying in a yurt would be awesome. Plaited has always made great products and I see they are continuing the tradition.

  • Robin rUe

    I’ve been using Playtex for years. It’s definitely a brand that I trust and have always been happy with.

  • Christy Maurer

    I am way more comfortable now talking about period stuff than I was as a teen, that’s for sure! I love that these are tiny and discreet, so girls don’t have to be embarrassed.


    When it’s that time of the month, the more discreet the better. Its always an inconvenience, but it’s good to know there are products out there for women when it’s that time of the month. Periods. Who needs them.

  • Sarah Bailey

    Oh now this is something I would have loved in my teens, I started my periods really young and adored swimming but had to stop for a week a month and hated that.

  • Pam Wattenbarger

    My daughter always swore by Playtex Sport. They don’t leak when you are being active, like some brands do.

  • Lisa

    Even as a grown woman, I appreciate the slim and discrete design of a lot of the tampons. No one wants to mess with bulky packaging.

  • Mimi Green

    I’ve been using Playtex over the years. It is nice to see how far they’ve come. This is perfect for young girls especially those that are active.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    This looks like a good and convenient option. Not sure that this brand is available in our region, will be checking out for this or similar ones. They seem great for people on the move.

  • Jaime Nicole

    We use Playtex Sport in my house, but I didn’t realize they made minis! I hate having my purse full of tampons lol – will definitely look for these!

  • Catvills

    This is great! I love that Playtex has given young girls a product that would help keep their confidence level up. My daughter and I rarely use pads. Tampons are less of a mess.