Sell Your Old Clothing, Toys or Furniture Easily – Varage Sale Comes to London #LDNONT #VarageSale

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Hold up Facebook sales groups. Here comes Varage Sale now in London, Ontario too.

Varage Sale takes the headache out of garage sales and helps you to sell the little extras that are cluttering up your home. I have been eyeing this up for several weeks as I watched Varage launch in communities around the GTA. I even downloaded the Varage Sale app before they launched in London. I am a bit of an app geek and love to see what new apps are doing and how they compare to other tools. I watched Varage Sale in Ottawa and in the GTA and I even messaged the app to say – “hey London, next please!”

Finally Varage Sale is here for London too! Just in time, because I have been trying to sell several things on other competing sites and I’m not getting anywhere with the old tools I typically use. So Varage Sale to the rescue.

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Varage Sale is easy to use. It is app based and it’s a safe way to sell your old clothing, toys, furniture or books. You start with an app on your smartphone or handheld device and then locate the community you are in and ask to join. The request to join the Varage Sale community in your neighbourhood is met with a speedy response. I noted that my request to join the new London community was answered the same day, Then you start listing. It’s very user friendly. I’ve listed a couple of items there already, including a bookcase I’ve been wanting to pass on for a few months now and a small sofa. I still have one or two items left from my Mom’s home that I am trying to sell on Varage Sale. I have high hopes for this app.

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I like the simplicity of the app itself. I also like having alternatives. I have been using Facebook groups to TRY and sell items here locally and I have had no luck. I also have used a couple of competing apps for selling old items. When we moved to our new home several things no longer went with the style of our home and the space inside. My vision for this house doesn’t include the old bookcase we have had since I was in university. It also doesn’t include the small table that used to be in my Mom’s kitchen and frankly I have a few kid’s toys the girls have outgrown. So I am listing these things there.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 10.38.12 AM

When I get the kids back to school then I will start selling even more things on Varage Sale. Oh and you can buy things there too. It’s a safe app for people buying and selling things they can’t use any longer.

One other thing – you can bump your items a few times as needed. There is no cost to do that. I tried it today. As a seller I like that feature. All items are marked as available or sold or sale pending.

What will you list on Varage Sale?

By the way there’s a twitter party this week for Varage Sale. Don’t forget to RSVP and join Wednesday night. You can RSVP for that here on Tammy’s site:

And right now one thing I also love about Varage Sale is that they are donating 30,000 books to kids in need across Ontario. Right now up until August 21st each Varage Sale community that adds 1500 new users will unlock $2500 in funding through First Book Canada. That’s 600 books in each city, or 30,000 books across Ontario. Download the app for Apple devices here now: Varage Sale.  (For iOS 7.0 or higher) Also downloadable through Google Play.

This is a promotional post sponsored by Varage Sale. My opinion is all my own and it is always 100 % honest. If you have an app you want considered for this space, or if you need an influencer program built for your app email

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  • Leila

    I just learned of this site yesterday from another blog and immediately signed up. I already listed stuff for sale and everything. I love how easy it is and it appears my local board is actually active so I’m excited to sell some stuff!

    • Tammy

      What an awesome app. I too love the simplicity of VarageSale. I have to agree selling off old furniture is so important to bring a new look and style to your new home. I’ve been meaning to sell off my dining room set. We bought it for our first home and the golden oak is too country for this home. Thanks Paula for linking the TP for me. Good luck with your sales 🙂

  • Kelly @ City Mom

    Omigosh this is JUST what I need! I just moved & we bought a furnished home and I have been working like mad on Kijiji but I have a few key items that I need help with.

    Going to download this now! Thx for sharing!

    • Paula

      Of course. Any time. I know sometimes the other apps don’t work much for me. That’s annoying. This one is easy and I am hopeful it will help me to sell these last few things.

  • aeryn Lynne

    YAY for Varage Sale being in London now! 🙂 Like you, I’ve tried other sale sites without much bite. I’m hoping Varage Sale will help me finally get rid of my abundance of craft supplies that I just don’t need anymore. *crossing fingers*

  • Lisa

    I just got rid of a whole bunch of stuff at a neighbourhood garage sale (the in-person, old-fashioned kind!), but the funny thing is that more stuff that I need to sell seems to come out of the woodwork! I just might have to give Varage a try. 🙂

  • Jenna Em

    Over the past many years, I’ve bought and sold via online websites. It has saved me a tremendous amount of money. However, there has always been the question of security. I understand that VarageSale handles this issue by making a Facebook sign-on mandatory, so you know who you are dealing with beforehand.