What Happens When Tornado Girls Meet Hurricanes #WordlessWednesday



My oldest daughter’s birthday was this summer and we took a few kids to see Brave, which was a perfect summer birthday movie. Afterwards they all hopped in to the Hurricane Simulator in the lobby of Rainbow Cinemas at Galleria London. Or Citiplaza as it is now called. If you look closely you can almost make out Ainsley’s eye under all that hair. The wind speed is located over her head. Sometimes I have been known to call her my tornado girl. I once wrote a piece about it for the Globe and Mail and it was dubbed Look Out For My Tornado Girl. I just realized now that combining the two forces of nature – tornadoes and hurricanes could have led to deadly consequences for all of us. Wordless Wednesday is a photo meme. I link up over here at Tara’s View of the World.

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