Kale, Quinoa and Fresh Vegetable Superfood Beef Stew

This year’s endless winter has been a challenge. So too has our schedule. The kids are busier than ever with one in a big March break play that runs the entire week. Rehearsals three nights a week. Martial arts, swimming and work, plus SARI. Ouch. We are too busy to cook last minute so I have been using my crock pot like crazy.

I am a big fan of stew and my crockpot makes it beautifully. This is what I am calling Superfood Beef Stew.

My healthy year and my fitness plan for the whole family has us embracing some new foods. Kale is becoming a staple and quinoa is something I sneak into a lot of meals. So the other night I made this amazing beef stew with a huge dash of fresh vegetables, small red potatoes, quinoa and kale. I thought I’d share because the recipe was divine. Plus if I write it down, I won’t forget it.

Superfood Beef Stew

(This won’t be as good with frozen veggies so don’t do it. )
Start with 3 cups of water and a package of stewing beef (fresh if possible)
Get that crock pot out and warmed up.
Put the beef and the water in.
Dice and add one yellow cooking onion.
Add two minced cloves of garlic.
Add one package of baby carrots.
One cup of fresh green beans. Snap them in two before adding.
Add half a cup of quinoa
Add half a cup of kale ripped into small bits.
Add one package of small red potatoes.
2 tbsps of Red wine vinegar.
Salt and Pepper
And then add broccoli – one cup of chopped fresh broccoli.
The secret ingredient for my stew is a Clubhouse seasoning that’s actually a La Grille roasted garlic and peppers marinade.
I add about 2 tsps of the stuff. Trust me on this it is so good in a beef stew. I buy it and add it to all my beef stews.

Packed with Nutrients

This Superfood Beef stew is packed with so many super foods your family won’t know what hit them, but you will when you are all healthy and fit the entire cold and flu season. You might hold off on the quinoa and add it later than I do, but I like mine to be super soft and easy to digest. I also like it to thicken the stew a bit. Cook on high for 6-8 hours then reduce heat and eat when your family is ready.


I am having a great winter adding kale to everything. It makes me happy to feed it to my family because I know it’s so rich in nutrients.

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  • Rebecca Wilson

    This sounds really good, well…except for the green beans, but I’m a big baby about them lol. I don’t know if that seasoning mix (La Grille roasted garlic and peppers marinade) is available around here or not, I have not seen it, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be. I could always do my own mixture I guess. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Wanda Tracey

    Thank you so much for the Super Food Stew.I love all the veggies and quinoa in this stew and your tip that La Grille roasted garlic and peppers is great tasting with beef,I am anxious to try this since I have a bottle on hand.

  • Wanda Tracey

    I pinned this delicious stew and went out to buy the ingredients.I have everything I need now and will be making this for supper tomorrow night.I love that there is kale in it and can’t wait to try it.Thanks for posting.