What are the Best Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School?

What are the best ways to celebrate that last day of school? There are many ways to mark the accomplishment of finishing another year of school.

This school year has flown by. June is almost here! There is nothing quite like the excitement of a child who is climbing off the bus after the last day of school. It truly is a landmark day for both kids and parents! They have completed another grade and you have survived an entire school year – hopefully unscathed. It’s the great time for both of you to celebrate. So what are some ideas for an end of year party?



5 Best Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

Have a Neighborhood Cookout

Gather all your neighborhood friends, throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and let the summer begin! Parents can chat over summer plans, set up playdates, and lament over their formerly quiet afternoons while the kids were at school. Kids can play tag, have a water balloon fight, and end evening chasing fireflies in the yard, running off all that excess energy and excitement from the day.

Throw a Pool Party

This is one of the best ways to celebrate end of year here at my house. The last day of school is the perfect time to make a splash! Nothing says summer like cannonballing into the pool and swimming a few laps. If you are the owner of a pool send out pool party invitations sharing your plans and make it an epic summer holiday launch.

Pool parties are truly one of the best ways to celebrate a successful year. This doesn’t have to be too hard either. We simply share a few simple invitations reminding people the time and place, reminding them to bring towels and sunscreen.

Swimming is a summer essential and you should definitely kick off your summer vacation the right way. If you are hosting the party, build some simple summer snacks or toss some burgers on the barbecue and keep enjoying the warm weather, even after you’ve dried off.


Head Out for a Celebratory Dinner and Ice Cream

If you’re just feeling like some quality family time, load up in the car and head out to dinner at your favorite restaurant. Chat over favorite memories from the school year and talk about what you’re most looking forward to during summer vacation. Start your summer bucket list immediately. Finish the evening with a cool treat from your favorite ice cream shop, then head home to rest up for all the fun summer break will bring. Such a great family idea!

Double Feature Movie Night

One of the best things about the first night of summer vacation is knowing that you don’t have to get up for school in the morning! Since everyone can sleep in, it’s a great night to extend bedtime and watch a couple of family films together. Order pizza, pop some corn, and pick up a few movie theater style boxes of candy to make everything a little more authentic.

Surprise Everyone with a Trip

Meet the kids at the door and turn them right back around and hop in the car to head off on an end-of-school getaway. Whether you start a surprise full-fledged summer vacation or just head off on an overnight at a nearby waterpark resort, starting off summer break with a relaxing trip sets the tone for a truly amazing season. This is something I did one year.



I didn’t pack everything for them, but I did plan a vacation to Disney that also coincided with my older daughter’s tenth birthday. Talk about the best ways to celebrate pretty much any occasion. Disney and the Space Coast!! We had an amazing visit.

How to Launch an Epic Summer

Everyone has different ideas of the best way to celebrate year end. No matter how you decide to celebrate, making fun plans for the last day of school will make launch summer vacation on a positive note. Be sure to keep the big plan a surprise and watch the delight on your child’s face as they realize that you’ve created this special event to show just how proud you are of their accomplishments throughout the school year.

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