• I_spy_games

    Christmas Tree I-Spy Game

    This cute little Christmas Tree I-Spy Game will definitely keep all of you amused and it might bring a little excitement or entertainment to your afternoon as well. As you know by now, I love all of the free activities and fun games possible. I-Spy Games are just a fun way to keep busy and to make your brain work just a little bit differently than usual. Post may contain affiliate links as a service to readers. I receive a small commission via qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. Did You Know? Even though there are no words in this Christmas tree I-Spy game, children can still be…

  • christmas_activities

    Fun Printable Christmas Activities to Do Now

    Christmas activities this year will be super important to everyone. So many of us will be sticking close to home with our families. Globally. That seems to be a common theme and a reality right now again in the middle of the second wave of this pandemic. So, again, if you are looking for ways to spend your time safe while social distancing or while home for the holidays, I have got you covered. Life, this year, has been a crazy roller coaster ride. There have been some tremendously challenging moments. By now, many of us are well used to the ups and downs and many of us have also…

  • Christmas_wreath_printable

    Colour by Numbers Christmas Wreath Printable

    OMG the countdown is on. This month flies by way too fast. Soon the kids are done school and we have no grand plans yet. Feeling kind of disorganized this year actually. I can’t decide how we are spending the week or two after Christmas and New Year’s. Regardless of what we do after the big event I know we will take some time together as a family to relax. It is so needed this year. What are your big plans this season? I know the days between Christmas and New Year’s Eve can be crazy with kids all hyped about being off school. That’s partly why I always share…