adoption and tweens

Adoptive parenting is a challenge. Adoption and tweens is new territory entirely. Parenting tweens who are growing more independent every day is also full of ups and downs. But parenting tweens and teens who are conflicted by the dualities of  wanting to grow up and gain independence like an average tween or teen, and needing to feel safe still due to early life insults makes life even more interesting. Many children who come to their forever families by adoption get there due to an apprehension by Children's Aid, neglect or abandonment. All of which are serious emotional and developmental challenges. Adoption and tweens is new territory both for the adoptive parents and the children as well. Many adoptees can be emotionally much younger than their chronological age indicates. So what issues have we faced when navigating tweenhood alongside adoption grief and loss and growth?

Adoption and Tweens:

Let's share our stories and work through the challenges of parenting kids who often need a bit more at a time when they should developmentally be pulling away.