100 + Best Christmas Printables to Share

When I launched this site over ten years ago my main goal was to talk about saving money. I was a stay at home mom then working hard at raising two little girls we had recently adopted from London-Middlesex Children’s Aid Society.

Over the last decade, my site has evolved dramatically and now my posts are largely travel writing, health writing and parenting stories that resonate with readers. However, I know my audience and you LOVE to give, but you also love giveaways and saving money.

Every year I share some of the best Christmas Printables here. This year, I asked my friends for their ideas and they sent me their picks for the best Christmas printables around.

free Santa coloring page
Sharing Free Printables now on thrifty momma’s

Where Can You Find the Best Christmas Printables This Season?

Let’s start with Christmas gift tags…

With this many options for Christmas tags, you should have no problem finding the right holiday gift tags to fit any wrapping paper or theme. There are plaid options and gold and silver colours, whimsical fun decorations and old fashioned ideas too. Pretty much whatever tickles your fancy, you can find in this collection.

Christmas Present Tags

Kid’s Colouring Pages for Christmas

Who isn’t into colouring? I mean even adults love this because it is relaxing. So. go ahead and print one or two of these out to colour this season. This first batch of colouring pages are for kids.

Elf Coloring Sheet
Elf Coloring Sheet for Christmas

Fun Holiday Games and Puzzles

  • My Christmas Fill In The Blanks is a lot of fun for kids. This kind of activity also helps kids to learn spelling and literacy skills that are valuable all year round.

Christmas Placemats and Activities for the Table

Dear Santa Claus Wish Lists

Printable Santa Wish list
Larger version

Gifted Printable Ideas for Stockings or Snacks

Several of these printables make the perfect gift for a friend, or in a stocking as a stocking stuffer. I love the lip balm printable cards and cutouts.

More Christmas Colouring Pages

Wall Art Printables For Your Home

Home décor at Christmas doesn’t have to add a lot to your holiday budget. Print these out and add a simple frame and voilà an easy and affordable

Jokes and Other Colouring Pages

There’s nothing more fun than sharing a joke at lunch or at recess, especially if your child doesn’t even know to expect it. Print off one of these and add it to their lunch box.

Printables and Colouring Pages Can Be For Adults Too!

Who says kids get all the fun? Have you ever tried colouring as an adult? It can be super relaxing.

For the Foodies

Personalize a cute tag for a wine bottle or a baked gift! Those are definitely gifts from the heart and why not? Most people love a personal touch.

Finally a Miscellaneous Grouping of Fun Printables for Christmas!

These printable activity pages didn’t seem to fit anywhere else here, but I wanted to include them anyways. So here you go.

Easy Peasy and Fun has several gorgeous Christmas colouring pages for you to choose from.

100 PLUS Christmas Printable Ideas Equals Easy Fun

Easy and affordable gifts and activities. By now, you know I am a big fan of easy and affordable things. Oh sure, I love to splurge occasionally, but more often than not I am making ends meet as a self employed small business person and that is no simple thing. So, I feel your pain this time of year.

Hopefully these simple DIY activity printables will help you to be creative without breaking the bank this season.

Happy Holidays!!

Do you have a favourite easy printable DIY gift tags resource or colouring page? If so, please leave a comment. Also, if you try any of these ideas let me know.

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