How to Embrace Self Care Before Every Trip

Before every trip here I have a list of work obligations and personal details to get through. Not going to lie. Sometimes it gets hairy. One by one each task slowly gets ticked off my To Do List. Of course there’s packing and getting organized, but those are mostly routine jobs I can do quickly.

I also have a specific self care routine that allows me to strive towards being in good health during the trip. That means paying attention to a few consistent things before every trip.

Travel is truly an epic adventure always and it’s also hard work sometimes. Around here, in my world, travel can take the form of amazing Familiarization Tours, which I love, but sometimes that schedule is gruelling. And don’t even get me started on airplane travel and airports. These trips can be laid back too, but more often it’s work and running from place to place striving to gather details to string together content is the natural rhythm.


When travel writing is a part of your livelihood you need to be ready to go when your feet hit the ground. Believe me I have learned from my mistakes.

My hardest and longest international flight ever to South Africa was gruelling. I was getting over bronchitis and couldn’t miss this amazing trip because I had been chosen for a Shot at Life fellowship. DRAGGED myself through four different airports to get there and wished I was in a wheelchair when I was standing in line for entry to South Africa after about 18 hours of travel. But I aim to avoid ever being that sick while traveling.

Getting sick is sometimes unavoidable. But I work hard to keep my body and mind strong before a trip. So, with that in mind here is a little bit about how I take charge of my self care and health before I travel.

This week I am leaving for a big sponsored RV trip with Ontario Parks. My family is also coming along of course and it should be amazing. Can’t wait to hike and get outside and explore Ontario’s North and some provincial parks I have not yet seen.

But, I am also taking care of me right now so that I can do all the things and have a blast.


My Self Care Routine Before Every Trip

Step up the exercise routine.

Even if I have hours before a flight I spend them at the gym working out. More than a couple of my friends don’t really get this. But I need to go into the flight or road trip knowing I made every effort to stretch and be healthy. Today I did Centergy which is essentially pilates. Monday I did Yoga and Tuesday I attended Centergy also. If I have a moment tomorrow I will go for a long walk before we set off. My person goal for 2018 was to move more often and this is a task I take seriously before I venture off on a trip.

There’s so much sitting involved in planes and cars, and RV trips too. So that I don’t stiffen up or lose energy I do multiple group workouts in the days before every trip.


I wish my kids understood this one by now. One day they’ll get there. Travel is exhausting and drying. Airplanes and airports are germs and extremely dry. Drink now. Water, water and more water. Drink all the way down the road or highway to the airport and be sure you start a couple of days before. Today I am loading up on water and I will keep that up all the way there and back. Hydrating with water is a huge part of my process when I am getting ready to travel.


Last night I was dog tired at 10 p.m. so I shut it all down and went to sleep. My youngest daughter even climbed into my bed for a cuddle and she ended up falling asleep too. Kind of comical. Don’t shortchange your sleep before a trip. Better sleep is an ongoing goal here too. It’s hard not to be excited but sleep is crucial to how you function.



Eat Well.

Whether it’s solo travel, business travel or family travel, I make sure we have a healthy home-cooked meal here before we go. When you are on the road you don’t always know where or when the next restaurant will appear. You might not know where the grocery stores are and the timing might simply be off for finding grocery stores and the like. So it makes me feel much better if we all have had one solid healthy meal before every trip.


It’s no secret that my family takes medication for some unique health issues here. So a big part of my routine is making sure we have all the medicine and multi-vitamins organized and ready to go. That one is right up there with passports and once I have done all of these things before every trip then I know I have done my best to head into the experience with a healthy mind, body and attitude. Check out this Keeping your Medicine Cabinet Organized post.

Do you have any self care tips before you travel?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.

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