5 Scrumptious Squash Recipes

squash roundup

I am a summer girl through and through. July is the month of my birthday and I am a true July baby. I could live on the beach somewhere sunny and eat Barbecue and enjoy fresh fruits and the occasional sip of wine and be happy for the rest of my life. Fall, interrupts my […]

Dolphin Coloring Page Printable


Do your kids love dolphins as much as mine do? If so then here is a little something special for them. This dolphin coloring page can be easily printed out for them to color. Stay tuned for instructions. There’s simply something mysterious and magical about dolphins. My girls, from the time they were tiny, were […]

Muse Headband – Gamifying Meditation and Relaxation #Giveaway

muse headband

The Muse headband makes relaxation more fun, especially for gadget girls like me. Let me clarify. When I try to relax, it’s interrupted by all kinds of outside stimuli – the kids, noises, neighbourhood creatures and then there’s the constant internal monologue too. The Muse headband helps me to conquer all of those things. The Muse Headband […]

Lakota All Natural Pain Relief To The Rescue

all natural pain relief

Let’s travel back in time together for a few minutes. I can scarcely recall a time that I did not have pain. As a little person I had joint pain often and that was always chalked up to growing pains. My mother and I tried so many different things. Eventually when I was 14 that […]

Martial Arts and Kids #fitness #WordlessWednesday

martial arts

  My girls kick butt. Well, I think they kick butt. Our girls have been taking martial arts for many years now. The daughter on the right hand side started when she was four years old. If you visit this blog often then you know that she has special needs. As a little person, she also […]

5 Lesser Known Customs Once Used as Fertility Treatments

fertility treatment

Fertility treatment is common for the 1 in 6 people struggling with infertility. But what about infertility and fertility customs throughout cultures and history? I often write about infertility and assisted reproductive therapies such as in vitro fertilization (IVF). I thought it might be interesting to research some fertility customs and traditions throughout history. Before modern science, […]

Famous Siblings You Might Not Know

famous siblings

This picture is a bit old now but these girls are more famous than ever I think. Famous Siblings You May Not Know It seems like we’re all obsessed with famous siblings. I know I am. Not sure why exactly, but I think it’s because it’s nice to see a family connection with celebrities. They feel […]