Disney Mickey Mouse Ears Printable Craft #DisneyOnIceInsider

Mickey Mouse classic fun printable for the little ones in your life. Make these before you go to Disney on Ice.

  I am thrilled to be a Disney On Ice Insider again this year. I love Disney on Ice and I have written about that experience often. This Disney post is from way back in 2011. Disney on Ice is always fun for the entire family. This year Disney on Ice returns to Budweiser Gardens […]

Merry Christmas #WordlessWednesday

The lobby of a local motel where we attended a martial arts tournament this weekend

It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas in several areas around London. Have you seen a lovely festive display yet in your town, city, or shopping mall?

Elegant Christmas Tea Lovers Gift Ideas #TMMGG2014


  My Grandmother on my mother’s side was British. She was a total kick in the pants, a mom to five boys and one daughter and she was a huge tea drinker. Of course she also rolled cigarettes back when Virginia Slims make smoking appear sexy, then quit cold turkey one day after smoking for […]

Beados – Fun Craft Gifts for School Age Children #TMMGG2014


My kids are crafters. In fact that’s why I originally signed my older daughter up for preschool many years ago. I couldn’t keep up with her need to craft. It was constant. She still loves to craft and little daughter has followed in her footsteps. So, I always know when it is birthday time, or […]

My #LGG3Moms LG G3 Smartphone Review and Giveaway

LG G3 smartphone

Meet my new crush. This is my favourite gadget of the year – the LG G3 Smartphone has changed the way I work. I have been an iPhone user for as long as I have been a blogger. But then I got the chance to test-drive the LG G3 Smartphone. I never thought I would […]

Twelve Home Safety Tips for the Holiday Season


We had a strange event in our neighbourhood last weekend involving one of my children. A person we did not know pulled over at the side of the road where my one daughter was playing with a friend and started taking pictures of them. The girls had been out playing on their bikes, in daylight, […]

What To Expect from the 2015 IVF Funding Program: An Interview with Dr. Marjorie Dixon #ohip4ivf #onpoli

This year infertility patients in Ontario welcomed the announcement that in vitro fertilization would be funded here as soon as 2015. Public funding for IVF would be a reality. Or would it? After that announcement last April, a spring election was called. That left many feeling worried that proposed funding would never arrive. For infertility patents in […]