Boost Your Metabolism in 4 Easy Steps

boost your metabolism

¬†Boost Your Metabolism in 4 Easy Steps Everyone wants to lose weight and feel healthier. There are many ways to do that, but all roads start with knowing how to boost your metabolism. It’s easier than you think. All you need to do is change a few things, and you’ll be able to boost your […]

8 Father’s Day Crafts


Have you been looking for some Father’s Day crafts the kids can help with? Here you go. There’s something brilliant here for your children to enjoy making for Dad. I love the Star Wars mug. It’s super creative and unique. There’s nothing more special than those cute handcrafted treasures from your kids for Father’s Day […]

Little Turkeys Penne With Cheese #GayleaMom

cottage cheese recipes

I hate to tell you this. Maybe it’s just my kids. Maybe it’s just my house. But my littles used to eat amazingly well. They were rockstars at vegetables and dinner and lunch. I rarely worried. Then they hit double digits, ten and up, and they developed sudden fussiness. It’s infuriating! I make a great […]

A Winning Weekend $50 Flash #Giveaway

Hello and Happy Friday!! The weekend is here at long last and I am ecstatic even though I am working most of the time. It’s still nice to have options. Maybe I will sleep in instead of waking up to an alarm to race the kids to the bust stop and take my morning walk. […]

MLA Rick Fraser on the Calgary Marathon and Why Infertility Patients and IVF Funding Alberta Captured His Heart #abhc4ivf #abpoli


Generations of Hope is a group of amazing, passionate, volunteers and infertility patients who are driven and talented and inspiring. They believe an accessible health care system also includes infertility treatment and funding for in vitro fertilization. They are smart and motivated and they work hard to help people understand why infertility patients and IVF […]

Mouth-Watering No Bake Cheesecake Recipe Roundup

no bake cheesecake

Is there anything better than cheesecake? Well, yes actually. There is. What could possibly be better than cheesecake? NO BAKE CHEESECAKE. RIGHT?? No bake goodies are a busy mom’s favourite kind of recipe. I love no bake because I feel better about letting the kids get in on that kitchen action. There are fewer potential […]

Juvenile Arthritis – What it Is and What it Does #health

juvenile arthritis

  This is the ankle that started it all for us. One of our daughters has had a limp for months and we’ve taken her to the doctor several times. We’ve determined nothing is broken or sprained. So we went to the hospital and had tests run last month. Numerous X-Rays showed nothing broken at […]

Father’s Day Word Search Printable

Father's Day Word Search

When you think of Dad what sort of words come to mind? I think of joking and pranks and barbecues and sports and travel and patience and love. There are a lot of different things good dads give their children. But most important of all these things I think is love and respect and security. […]