Canadian WAHM Superheroes Super Giveaway

Welcome and bienvenue to the Canadian WAHM Superheroes Super Giveaway, hosted by Lindsay at Maman Loup’s Den! This isn’t your ordinary give-away. In fact there are so many great prizes all from Work at Home Moms, it has to be called a super giveaway. When Lindsay first took the plunge into becoming a Work-at-Home Mom, [...]

Colombian School Kids Wordless Wednesday #TMMWVC

Colombian School Children

On our first day in Bucaramanga, these beautiful Colombian school children asked us questions. What is the temperature in Canada like? What sports do you play? We turned the tables and asked them some questions back. What do you want to be when you grow up, we challenged them. Many soccer players, teachers and policewomen [...]

Monster High Freaky Fusion Movie Release


  The time of year couldn’t be more perfect for a Monster High party! Halloween, plus quirky dolls and cooler climate means more time spent playing indoors creatively. This weekend we finally had time to invite some neighbors and friends over for the night to party Monster High style.  It was worth the wait and [...]

Deep Relief Recovery Pack #giveaway ARV $75


Let’s be honest. I’m not getting any younger. Nor is my darling husband. We strive to work out often. We try to be fit. But life happens and you get busy. You put things on hold. You work harder because it’s a busy season or there are a lot of contracts happening and so the [...]

The Restaurant Industry Benefits from Greater Server Accountability


The Restaurant Industry Benefits from Greater Server Accountability Waiters and waitresses are some of the most taken for granted employees. It comes naturally, because businesses only have to pay them a fraction of minimum wage; it’s understood that they work for tips and the money the restaurant pays is just icing on that cake. There’s [...]

Why Blissdom Makes Me a Better Person #BlissdomCa


This post has taken me forever to wrangle. It’s been hiding in some nook or cranny of my brain and just sort of waiting for me to get it straight. I thought about leaving it there. But my brain gets full and every now and then it needs a purge. So this is my Blissdom [...]

Cute Chair #WordlessWednesday


This is the chair that awaits guests in my office. It is rarely empty. Why is that? Because it is so cute and comfy that my husband and kids are often seated in it talking to me. That’s not what I intended it for, but I guess it works. This is a Wordless Wednesday post. [...]

Peekapak Children’s Craft Kits Review


This review was written by my contributor Bonnie Way. All I have to say is, “Do you want to go check the mail?” and my girls are heading for their shoes and coats. It’s a ten-minute walk down the hill to the mailbox, while we anticipate what might be waiting for us. Most days, it’s [...]

Falling In Love With Autumn Nexus Sweepstakes #Giveaway


Welcome to the Falling in Love with Autumn Nexus Sweepstakes Organized by Budget Earth   Do you love autumn? For us, it’s the time of year to start putting away the shorts and enjoying a variety of delicious pumpkin treats! Of course, what is better than enjoying a delicious pumpkin latte on a cold day [...]

Pass the Gravy and a Thanksgiving #Giveaway


It’s time for Canadian Thanksgiving. Yippee! Now pass the gravy. We have so much to be thankful for this year. In fact, if you live in Canada, I am pretty sure you all need to be thankful for the gift of geography and how blessed we each are to be living in a country so [...]